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Monday, 14 August 2017

Anastasia Beverly Hills: Subculture

As soon as I saw this palette on Instagram I immediately wanted to get my hands on it. I mean just look at it, it's gorgeous. I made my order on the day it was released and even after all the drama, I feel I made the right decision. I have created a video review of this palette which you can find the link to below, but I also wanted to provide an update and add more detail about my transaction with ABH and my overall thoughts a week on from my review. 

  • I made my purchase on 25 July 2017 via the ABH UK website
  • It was delivered on 1st August 2017 via UPS 
  • Shipping is free over £25 

  • £42 on the Anastasia Beverly Hills website (You can buy it for £41 on Beauty Bay or CultBeauty)
  • 14 Shades (ultra-matte, duo chrome and metallic finishes) these are all extremely pigmented 
    • Roxy - Ultra matte muted coral
    • Electric - Duo chrome lime-gold
    • Fudge - Ultra-matte warm bronze
    • New Wave - Ultra-matte citron orange
    • Untamed - Ultra-matte tarnished green
    • Edge - Ultra-matte gold mustard
    • Rowdy - Ultra-matte blackened purple
    • Axis - Ultra-matte blue-green
    • Mercury - Ultra-matte slate grey
    • All Star - Ultra-matte vintage wine 
    • Adorn - Metallic bronze
    • Destiny - Ultra-matte sage green
    • Dawn - Ultra-matte sand
    • Cube - Duo chrome pink pearl

I love the look of this palette. From the packaging to the shades themselves, it's stunning. The grungy shades really give a different vibe to any other palette that I own. Regardless of the fall out that this palette has - Modern Renaissance is the same - every shade is extremely pigmented. I played around with this palette and have created a variety of looks. My personal favourite is the one I posted on my Instagram. I created this look using Dawn, Roxy, All Star and Adorn. 

I am very much a warm tone girl, but I have been really inspired to break out of my comfort zone to explore new ideas. I am not a makeup artist and I can only imagine the wonderful things that a makeup artist could create with this palette. 

This palette isn't perfect. As I mentioned before, there is some fall out during application. Some shades do not mix well together and I would recommend going in with a light hand.
I'm not sure if it's just me, but I don't tend to mix a lot of colours when creating an eye look that I like. My style and look is very simple and I think that you can really create a gorgeous look with just three shades.

You can watch my video here. I would also recommend watching Stephanie Nicole's review which is the best breakdown and advice that I could find. 

I hope you find this post useful! I would rate the ABH Subculture palette a 7/10. 

Friday, 9 June 2017

New Look Bronzers - Hit or Miss?

I have never purchased beauty products from New Look before and it's only recent that I have started buying into New Look fashion. I discovered these bronzed baked face powders when I was flicking through ASOS  and they looked really good online! 

I have been trying them out for the last two weeks. So I wanted to share my initial thoughts on these products.

I purchased two shades - Bronzed and Golden Glow. When I received them my first thoughts were that they looked decent quality and they also reminded me of the Mac Cosmetics skin mineralizing powder from the shape and overall look of the product and the cardboard packaging. 

They are pigmented and have a great shine to them. Perfect for the summer time. They are long wearing and easily blend-able. Each bronzer was £4.50 on ASOS, I'm not sure if this is due to a sale or whether they are just more affordable online. They cost £7.99 in the New Look stores.

You can use these products in various different ways. Contouring, eyeshadow, highlighter and of course as a bronzer. 

I did find that when I used them there was a lot of fall out. They are slightly powdery rather than silky. I prefer my bronzers to have more of a buttery feel. The plastic packaging isn't very appealing. Although the overall product looks similar to Mac's, the packaging doesn't. It's not so sleek. The Golden Glow bronzer isn't a bronzer at all, it's more of a highlighter which is nice but a very confusing product. 

Would I say it's the best bronzer I have ever purchased?

No, but it is definitely a great product for the money. Bronzed is a nice bronzer and definitely one I would use again. Golden Glow's not so great but I would reach for it to use as a highlighter.

I honestly wouldn't buy this product again. I just think there are better bronzers out there. However, if you're looking for a more affordable product then definitely check these out. 

Tuesday, 6 June 2017

My fear of the Dentist

I thought that my fear of the dentist was unusual, but after speaking with quite a few people I realised it's not so uncommon. I recently had a check up - which I have to admit was the first time in a while. It's something I am extremely ashamed of, but I am glad that I am now getting out of that bad habit. 

My trip to the dentist was relatively simple. I went in worrying but I couldn't tell you where this anxiety was coming from as it was just a general check up. However, I think I put it off for so long, I was more worried about being judged. 

My dentist was very understanding and he tried to relax me as much as possible. I had my checkup and also had X-rays done which was great because I could finally get a verdict on how healthy my teeth and gums are. Fortunately I only need two fillings. 

I say only two but I've never had a filling on my adult teeth before which is amazing really. 

Both my fillings are at the back of my mouth. They had slight decay which is why I need to get them done. Natural wear from someone with a HUGE sweet tooth.  The Dentist did advise that they weren't urgent and I could leave them for a while, but I wanted to get them done ASAP. 

Now I have this pressure of getting my fillings which means needles and a drill. The thought of both those things slightly stress me out. I have been reading and watching other peoples stories but I guess I will never no until I have them done. 

My fillings are being done in two separate sittings. The worst tooth is being done tomorrow which is on my left side. 

Watch my dentist experience below. 


Sunday, 4 June 2017

Rimmel London Fresher Skin Foundation

I am always on the hunt for that perfect foundation. You know, the one that is long wearing, gives you that perfect no makeup makeup look and also allows your skin to breath! Well, I can't say it's perfect but this Rimmel London Fresher Skin foundation is a gorgeous product that ticks the boxes!

I found this to be so easy to apply, you can mix it with your face cream on days you want a little less coverage and the scent it just amazing! 
It reminds me of Aloe Vera and Cucumber which is just such a summery scent!  

I bought the shade Natural Beige which is perfect for my skin tone. It's light weight and airy but also provides you with great coverage. You can definitely build this foundation or mix with a heavier foundation for a full coverage look. 

It also works well with concealer and doesn't look unnatural on your skin! I'm kind of in love with it!

I will also be taking this on holiday with me this summer as it has SPF 15 within it, which of course will help give me that needed protection from the sun. 

It's not perfect though! I have to be honest and say after a few hours wear I had to blot around my nose due to my oily t-zone, so bear that in mind ladies! You either want to bake your foundation (meaning translucent powder) or you want to carry around your beauty blender and just dab when needed.

You can hear more about my view in my latest video: 


Wednesday, 10 May 2017

That time I was interviewed by a major fashion magazine!

I love shopping, but does that mean I love fashion? Probably not! 

image taken from vogue-fresh.tumblr.com
Last year I was interviewed by one of the worlds most prestigious fashion magazines. I will not mention names as I still have a great love for this particular publication regardless of my experience and I feel this article isn't a true representative of the magazine. This is about the people behind the scenes. So out of respect for a publication I enjoy, I have decided to remain silent on the name. 

My story ▸

I interviewed for this magazine over a year and a half ago now. It was during a time when I was on the look out for something new, perhaps a change of career, focus or just something to make me feel more alive. I think deep down, I wanted a change. I thought about moving my career to the next level and maybe taking my writing and ideas to a place where they would be appreciated, accepted and enhanced. 

I found this position via Facebook which a friend of mine had recommended. All it said was x company needs someone creative to start ASAP email your application here. 

So spontaneously, I did so. If you know me, you would know that this is out of my usual character. I like order of some kind and well I like to know what I am applying for before doing so. I like to prep before an interview and research the company and the role. I'm not a time waster and I don't like people to waste my time either. Sounds extremely OTT, but I do feel that I make a good point that many people could relate to. However, something about the idea of just going for it excited me. Plus I knew if I chose to work at this publication that my career would take an interesting turn.  

I feel that most things need some sort of process, especially the recruitment process. It doesn't have to be strict or ridged as I am extremely fluid and know that things change quite quickly. However, as a candidate, I feel that when I am being recruited, the experience I have is a clear representation of the business and what my experience is going to be like when I am there. 

I emailed over my CV and asked a few strategic questions about the job role, pay and what to expect. All the usual things you should enquire about. What I received back was a time/place and was just expected to show up. They ignored every question I asked. That itself should have given me red flags. 

The location the sent me was to a local coffee shop. They obviously didn't want their potential new employee to come to the office. I was sent zero information on the job itself and wasn't even provided a job title. 

I have to say, this was one of the worst interview experiences I have ever had. 
Let me explain.

So far, things weren't looking great. Now I know you're wondering why on earth would I have bothered with the lack of information given to me. Yet, I like a challenge. I have confidence in my abilities to shine through and felt that maybe any task that was thrown my way would have been okay! Because I can try and tackle any problem. 

Plus, given who they are, I thought it would be perfect for me! Perfect for what I wanted.

So, I arrived at the coffee shop with nothing more than my high-street fashion sense and my CV. Last minute I was emailed as the woman that was originally meant to meet me couldn't make it, so instead I was sent a replacement. Which I didn't know about until 5 minutes before my interview and had absolutely no idea what she looked like. Not a great start. 

The coffee house was busy and noisy as standard for a London coffee house. I sat there waiting. 10 minutes later than my interview time, a slender brunette walked in. She screamed designer so I suspected it was her - I was right. She sat down and just waited. I approached and she gave me a look which screamed shit on my shoe then stood up and shook my hand. 

Clearly my high-street fashion sense didn't go down well. 

I know a resting bitch face, but I think my entire presence offended her. I smiled and announced myself. I could barely hear her as I asked my questions which she seemed perfectly clueless about. She briefly spoke to me about the magazine and then it was all about her career - which is obviously why we were there! Not. 

I wasn't asked about my experience, I wasn't asked why I wanted the job, I wasn't asked what I thought I could bring to the business. 
I remember feeling extremely disappointed by the whole experience. This magazine that I have loved for years basically crushed any hopes of me wanting to work for them.

I thought working in the fashion industry would give me the chance to align my love for fashion and beauty with my everyday work life. 
I was VERY wrong. I left that interview feeling so deflated. I'm not saying that all high-end fashion magazines are the same, but this really didn't give me the best impression. 

The next day, they offered me the job. I said no thank you - because manners never killed anybody. Hopefully my next experience with a prestigious company is a better one. 

Tuesday, 9 May 2017

True Crime Podcasts you have to listen to

I have always loved reading crime novels and watching detective series. I find them extremely interesting to follow and I always try to figure out who the killer is before the book or series ends. 

Recently, I have turned to True Crime Podcasts which I listen to whilst I am in the office plugging away on various projects that I have been tasked with or I listen to them whilst I am on my route into work. I find them so sad but also really fascinating. 

The difference that I have found with these podcasts and the crime novels and TV shows that I have loved watching over the years is that they are based on real life crimes. I have found that emotionally they are more engaging. There are no gimmicks, or unrealistic plot lines because these are real life people and real life crimes.  

It's odd that I would ever want to listen to something so disturbing - trust me, sometimes I wonder myself. However, I like hearing the stories of those people that have been lost. I also like to listen to Podcasts of those people who were actually innocent. Their stories get to me the most because those people have lost their lives in the system and it's all down to issues within the police force or botched evidence. 

If you're like me and love crime stories then check out my favourite True Crime Podcasts!

  1. Serial 
  2. In The Dark 
  3. Unsolved 
  4. Wrongful Convictions with Jason Flom 
  5. Undisclosed 
  6. Missing and Murdered: Who killed Alberta Williams?
What's your favourite podcast to listen to? Share your recommendations in the comments below. 

Monday, 8 May 2017

Why 13 Reasons Why will save lives

If you haven’t been watching the latest epic series on Netflix then you’re missing out. After randomly switching this on, I have been binge watching for the last three days.  Each episode takes you on a journey and you feel all kinds of emotions. Mostly sad but those feelings are totally worth it. I don't want to share too much detail because I don't want to spoil it for you but let me tell you what this series is all about:

Hannah Baker has committed suicide. The story begins here. With everyone wondering why she did it, a series of tapes calling out the names of 13 people whom she blames for her death come out of the woodwork. These tapes make their way into the hands of Clay Jensen - a really nice guy who has always had a huge crush on Hannah. 

The show starts to unravel with his discovery of the tapes. You see flashbacks of when Hannah was alive and all that she experienced. If you think about what your life was like in high school (or secondary school for us in the UK) or maybe you're experiencing this right now, you can only imagine the horrible shit that goes down. 

You're taken on this journey of one persons thoughts, feelings and experiences which is really moving and emotional. There are some extremely graphic scenes which may disturb you so please keep this in mind when you watch it. Also, if you have ever experienced anything that they share within this show then please speak to someone. You're not alone! 

I have read that this show is a trigger for anyone in a dark place. Which I can understand because it may cause you to have feelings which you're trying to overcome, or even remind you of what may have happened in your life. If you feel that this could happen to you, then please do not watch it. 

It's a great series which highlights a huge issue that we have in today's society. So many people are bullied, abused, suicidal and depressed. I think with this show coming out, it will hopefully make people more aware of their actions and stop bullying. I also hope it provides help to those people who have been in this situation or have been thinking about these things to seek help. There is a support system out there. 

I loved this series. I have been fortunate enough to not have experienced anything like this, but I do know others that have. Things need to change and maybe this series will reinforce that change. 
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