Monday, 25 August 2014

A Lipstick Encounter

I wanted to share with you all my current lipstick collection, most of the lipsticks I have purchased are high street brands from Topshop, Boots and Superdrug. I do have two lipsticks from Chanel and Mac which are my ultimate favourite, maybe it's the luxury of owning lipsticks I wouldn't usually be able to afford, or maybe it's the appreciation I have because they were presents.
Topshop | Whimsical | Secret Admirer | Sartorial

The Topshop whimsical lipstick is my ultimate favourite nude lipstick, it's easily to apply, it doesn't last as long as I would like however for the price it is very good.

Rimmel Kate Moss Collection | 03 | 16 | 22 | 107 | 128
The number 22 Kate Moss Rimmel collection lipstick is stunning, it's long lasting and smooth on. I love most of the colours in the collection and would recommend them if you want something cheap in price but very good quality.
Soap & Glory | Man Trap | Red My Lips
Soap & Glory products are incredible, they smell beautiful and have a lip balm feel. 

Victoria Secret | Cabana
I purchased this Victoria Secret lipstick when I spent some of my summer in New York, it was such an eye catching colour and I got caught up in the moment. As you can imagine, New York City is a place of dreams, reality and well shopping.

Accessorize | Love Sick

I would never usually purchase makeup from Accessorize, nor would I have ever thought that they would have made decent cosmetics. However, I was wrong. This particular lipstick is lovely on, it reminds me of a red brick colour.

Max Factor | 630 Plush Blush
This was a lipstick purchased by my sister, it's a lovely colour. 

N07 | Claret

This N07 lipstick colour is one that I have been after for quite some time, it's a deep claret, soft on the touch and long lasting. 
Gosh | 145 Shocking Coral
This is one of the cheaper brands that I have purchased, it isn't long lasting at all but it is a beautiful colour. You do get what you pay for with this product.

L'oreal Paris | Julianne's Nude
Now, I have a little story regarding this product, let me start off by saying the lipstick itself is gorgeous. It's silky smooth and long lasting. Very barbie doll pink which works well with my skin tone. Now, as you can see from the shape of the lipstick this particular one looks damaged. This is how I purchased it, unfortunately the Superdrug that I bought it from would not exchange it for a new one. The lipstick itself was sealed and I took it in the shop the next day with the receipt. I can only reiterate how disappointed I am about this. 

Mac | Just a Bite
This is a great colour, not too costly and very long lasting. I always find that you get what you pay for. This particular lipstick is the perfect colour of seduction. 

Chanel | Rouge Allure
This is my favourite lipstick that I own, it's not only my most expensive but one of the best birthday presents I have had from one of my best friends Emma. 

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