Wednesday, 20 August 2014

Colour boards

I wanted to share with you my colour boards, these are the colours that I wear and find suit my complexion the most.
I have olive skin so the colours that I choose to wear are bright colours in the summer - reds, pinks, greens and oranges. In the winter, I wear very neutral colours such as greys, blacks, creams and dark red. 

My makeup is always brighter in the summer, I experiment with brighter lipsticks and nail varnishes, my blushers tend to be rosier and I wear more bronzer. In the winter I keep to quite a natural tone, my lipsticks are quite nude but closer to the Christmas period I do wear red lipsticks - for seasonal purposes. My blushers are still rosy but they are darker tones in the winter compared to the summer. 

Here are my seasons: 

My Spring Colour Scheme:
In Spring I tend to wear a variety of colours, the weather is still quite cold I dress for that particular season.

Fashion: My look is more sophisticated in Winter/Spring – I will be wearing long macs and boots, Skinny jeans and knitted woollen jumpers.

The colours: Creams, Grey’s, beige, Blacks, Tan, Dark red

Makeup: Deep pink blushers, brown mascara, red lipstick, nude lipstick, brown eye shadow, grey eye shadow, black pencil eyeliner

My Summer Colour Scheme:
In summer, I love wearing bright colours. Having olive skin I really like to show it off in the summer time by wearing brighter clothing.

Fashion: I dress more street style, skinny jeans, strappy tops, high waisted skirts, crop tops.

The colours: Orange, reds, bright pink, lime greens sometimes yellow, coral and black

Makeup: I brighten up my makeup also with bright pink lipsticks, reds; I also wear brighter nail varnish and use black mascara. I wear more liquid eye-liner in the summer time because I like how it draws focus to my eyes and works so well with bright lipstick.

My Autumn Colour Scheme:
In autumn with the drab weather I bring out my Chelsea boots and pack away the sandals. I wear a lot of leggings with oversized cream jumpers and I usually wear my trench coat or Parka coat.

Fashion: My look is very comfortable in autumn, I like to feel relaxed and I love my oversized jumpers that I pull out behind my summer clothes.

The colours: Creams, black, tan, beige, orange, red

Makeup: My makeup starts to look more natural in the autumn; I like to wear ox-blood lipstick and quite nude colours also. I still wear bronzer but not as much as in the summer and I tend to wear more blusher.

My Winter Colour Scheme:
In winter is all about either the faux fur and wool scarves and hats. Winter is the time of the year I wear a lot of hats. I love the winter season, it’s classy and you dress for warmth and practicality.

Fashion: I dress very practical but classy in winter, I wear a lot of tweed to work and my work jackets come out. I have a variety of faux fur scarves and this year I want to buy a faux fur hat.

The colours: Brown, grey, black, cream, white, beige and red

Makeup: My makeup is very neutral, brown or black mascara and blusher. Nude/black or red nail varnish.

What are your seasonal colours? 

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