Monday, 25 August 2014

Bourjois Lipstick Collection

I really wanted to talk more about the Bourjois matte finish lipstick that was in my July favourite video. When it comes to lipsticks I own more high street lipsticks from Boots and Superdrug rather than high end brands such as Chanel.

I cannot afford to purchase the more expensive lipsticks from YSL, Tom Ford or Chanel, as much as I would love to. However, I have found that you can find great lipsticks even at cheaper prices. This brings me to the Bourjois matte finish lipstick. I recently purchase two of the Bourjois lipsticks, 05 Ole Flamingo and 03 Hot pepper which I found to be both long lasting and great quality.

When I found that there were more options available, I decided to purchase two more because the lipsticks were easy to apply and great for on the go application. I could just keep them in my bag and reapply when necessary.

As you can see, I have included all four lipsticks, my favourite is the Hot Pepper because I love red lipstick and this particular one is great for both daily and evening wear.

The 04 Peach Club is great for the summer time, it’s very orange as you can see from the image. The 02 Frambourioise is more of an evening colour; I would wear it when going out for a meal and maybe even a night out. It’s not bright but it’s elegant.

04 Peach Club Rouge Edition Velvet
02 Frambourioise Rouge Edition Velvet
05 Ole Flamingo Rouge Edition Velvet
03 Hot Pepper Rouge Edition Velvet
I know there are more colours to choose from, am I missing out on any good ones? 

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