Monday, 11 August 2014

Fashion wishlist

Hello everyone, so today I thought I would share with you my current fashion products and accessories wish list. I don't know about you, but I do not earn enough money to purchase all of these items at once and it would honestly take me a rather long time to save for some of these. 

I guess that's why they call it a wish list! This particular list would be extremely long as there are so many beautiful accessories and clothes that I want. 

But here are my TOP 7

Topshop premium leather and pony backpack

The reason this particular item is on my wish list is because 1) I don't own a backpack, 2) It's beyond cute and good quality, 3) Would be awesome at festivals, general use and lets face it, pairing this with my black leather flatforms would look beyond cool!

Topshop Icon leather doctor's tote bag 

The reason that I have placed this in my wish list is because I am in need of a new bag, I prefer to buy leather bags as I feel they last longer. I would use this for work as its got that professional look about it and it's classy which is perfect for the office with my pencil skirt and heels.

Marc By Marc Jacobs Henry Rose Gold Chronograph Watch 

I have wanted this watch for the longest time, I have a thing for chunky watches and I really like rose gold, I feel it has a more feminine appeal. 

RiverIsland Black denim collar jumper

This item is on my wish list because it's stunning, I love the style and it would look awesome over a dress or even with jeans. 

River Island Black strappy Gladiator sandals 

These beauties are on my wish list because they are great for the summer and would look cute in Autumn also with some petite floral socks. 

Topshop Denim Look Flippy Skirt
The reason I have placed this on my wish list is because not only is it adorable and perfect for summer, it is also good for money, nice quality and easily saved for. I haven't spent the money on purchasing this particular skirt as of yet because I am currently saving for something else but it is up there on my wish list!

Miss Selfridge Mono Jaquard Skort

I am loving the skort fashion right now, great for both casual and evening wear. I saw this Miss Selfridge one a few weeks ago and fell in love. I just couldn't justify buying it so I put it on my wish list. 

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