Thursday, 14 August 2014

Robin Williams - Forever to be remembered

I wanted to write an article in memory of Robin Williams. I didn’t know him personally, but as a fan of his work he touched my life and so many others through his films.

I can’t say there has been a film that I have watched of his that hadn't made me laugh or be in complete ore of his skills on camera. From Hook to Mrs Doubtfire to Jumanji all of which gave me great childhood memories with my sister and brothers as we use to crowd around the TV to enjoy these epic movies.

I came across the words from his beloved daughter Zelda, which were incredibly beautiful and heart-breaking. 

I know the feeling of loss, I know the emptiness and the void the person leaves once they are gone.  What I can’t imagine is the overwhelming pressure his family must feel from the press, it’s one thing having to grieve in private but public grief must be even more tragic.

The papers mention depression, and I know people question ‘How can someone with so much money, so much stature and so much love in his life suffer from depression?’ I couldn't tell you the answer and to be quite honest only the person suffering could answer this question.

I know so many people that I would say have blessed lives that suffer from depression, the dictionary definition ‘severe, typically prolonged, feelings of despondency and dejection.’ I think depression is a state of mind, low moods that can affect a person’s thoughts, behaviour and overall sense of well-being.

Whatever he was thinking when he chose to end his life, only he will know. I just hope his family find peace and I hope they know their grief is share by millions around the world.

RIP Robin Williams.
(If you are a sufferer of depression, I hope you find a way to break out of the pain you feel.)

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