Sunday, 24 August 2014

Wardrobe Week - Shoes

What I decided to do is start a weekly post about my wardrobe. Now, I can't promise that everything in my wardrobe you will find fashionable, in fact I am sure there will be certain items you will think 'I would never wear that'. But everyone has their own taste and I wanted to let you in on mine.
For the first instalment of #WardrobeWeek I thought I’d focus on shoes. Now, I recently cut down my shoe collection, ridding myself of my older shoes which were in need of binning. So, just to pre-warn you my shoe stash is a little thin on the ground, but I do love what I own.
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Topshop Black Leather Chelsea Boots

Topshop Flatforms 
Topshop Tan Leather Boots
Warehouse White Leather Sandals
Dorothy Perkins Leather Sandals
Clark Oxblood Leather Boots
Topshop Suede Peep-toe 
Topshop Black Leather Flatforms
Topshop Leather kitten Mary Poppins shoes
Office Gel peep-toe shoes
Black Dorothy Perkins sandals
Dorothy Perkins Gladiator Sandals
Topshop office shoes
Topshop shoes
Topshop Black Court Shoes
Wallis Court Shoes
Topshop Ankle Boots
Topshop Black Brogues
Oasics Running Shoes
Topshop Heels
Dorothy Perkins hippy sandals
Topshop tan leather ankle boots
Topshop Black Peep-toe heels

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