Tuesday, 16 September 2014

10 reasons to love September

It may seem odd to say I love September,  especially because we will be saying goodbye to the summer season and entering the autumn phase. 

But here are my 10 reasons why I love September:
  1. It's my birthday on the 17th September! Of course this has to be number one. Who doesn't love a day where everything is focused around them! 
  2. It's almost a new beginning, my friends children start infant school, looking adorable in their uniforms with their tiny school shoes. 
  3. It's the best time to plan all those events that are coming up... Halloween, Bonfire night and of course the big one... CHRISTMAS
  4. Summer clothes are out and autumn style is in.. best month for fashion or to buy yourself those new ankle boots you've been eyeing up since July
  5. All the addictive TV shows are back on - X Factor and GoggleBox
  6. Time to trim down: September is the best time to lose those pounds that you have gained from drinking too much cider and eating too much BBQ food.
  7. Best time for extra snuggles under the duvet with the excuse that it's getting cold
  8. The onesies and fluffy dressing gowns are back! The first thing I do when I wake up at 6am is throw on my fluffy dressing gown! aaahhhh cosy!
  9. Baking a Sunday apple crumble pretty much any time in the week, because it's close to Christmas and warm apple crumble replaces ice-cream
  10. De-clutter your wardrobe! September is the best time of the year to throw out those unusable items that you have been clinging onto! Better yet sell them on eBay and make yourself a few pennies.
I hope you enjoyed it, if you can think of any other reasons to love September I would love to hear your thoughts! Share them in the comment box below.

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