Tuesday, 23 September 2014

Twenty- something and obsessed

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  1. That perfect bikini body… holiday season is pretty much over but really is this ‘podge’ ever going away?? 
  2. Finding Mr Right... because clearly being 25 and single means you’re going to be alone FOREVER... anyone?
  3. Saying ‘Why is everyone having babies right now’ meaning you've seen three different babies on your Facebook within the last 24 hours. WTF!
  4. Cushions, I will take the erm… all of them. Thanks!
  5. I don’t suit red lipstick… wow that’s such a nice colour... OMG Red lipstick … from natural to glam. SO SOPHISTICATED!
  6. Comparing ourselves to pretty much everyone else our age on Instagram. WHY DO THEY HAVE EVERYTHING? 
  7. Having diet EVERYTHING… can I have a diet coke please?
  8. Wishing we were Cara Delevingne.. young, beautiful, rich and damn look at her eyebrows!!
  9. Reminiscing about those school days… even when you hated school, you find something to cling onto to remember your ‘youth’ … remember when..
  10. Drinking out of champagne flutes instead of the bottle... ‘I’m a lady’
  11. Slug and Lettuce half price Monday’s…’ I will have a Cosmo with that please’
  12. Reading articles about why the contraceptive pill is bad for us. 'I NEED TO CHANGE MY PILL' 
  13. Scented candles, because my house needs to smell like vanilla... no not berry or cinnamon apple, just vanilla! Vanilla Satin, Vanilla Cupcake and of course French Vanilla. 
  14. Comparing your life to Carrie Bradshaw and wishing you lived up to the Sex and City fantasy... OH MR BIG..HELLO NEW YORK...OMG A WALK IN CLOSET.
  15. Shoes, because you can never have enough
  16. Buzzfeed quizzes about which 'friends' character you are... taking the survey 4 times to make sure you get Rachel - she has the best hair!
  17. Getting nostalgic over pictures you took when you were 16 .. hiding the ones you hated your hair in, because god forbid anyone sees that! MYSPACE... BEBO.. WHAT?!
  18. Completely stunned when a younger guy chats you up.. because you're so old and well he's like...what... 12! Just NO!
  19. Reading every fad diet around to try and lose a few pounds.. juicing carbs allowed.. I'm just not eating chocolate ever again! Can you pass the Galaxy.
  20. The Mail Online’s side bar of shame. Gossip Central!!

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