Wednesday, 24 September 2014

Body Cream Collection 2014 | Review

I suffer from dry skin on both my elbows, hands and my knees especially in the colder seasons. I use a variety of creams depending on what mood I am in, and also how my skin feels. I only use these creams on my body, never on my face as they block my pores due to the fact that the cream is quite thick in texture. 

I love Soap & Glory because it smells so fresh and it works so well on my skin. I use it almost everyday alongside the shower gel. I use both the moisturiser and body butter depending on my mood. Both smell  wonderful, I would describe it as a perfumed scent. I prefer the moisturiser to the body butter, however if I am suffering from really dry skin I swap them over as the butter is thicker and I find it rids me of any dry skin.

I am yet to use the Nivea cream, I have heard great things about this cream and it is excellent value for money. The tub itself is basic, it fits well within my cosmetic draws and is easy to apply. 

I have always used Vaseline body cream, my previous bottle was the coco butter version which smells wonderful! I purchased the dry skin lotion to prepare my skin for the winter weather. I would honestly say it's my go to product for anyone looking for a great cream at an affordable price.

The Dove pampering lotion was bought for me, it smells incredible. I love Dove products, I find that they don't dry my skin out and I swear by their soaps. 

I find that body cream is an essential staple within the daily routine. I like my skin feeling silky smooth and I also love the fresh smell they release from your skin. I like to keep my skin youthful and if I can find an affordable cream that also has the SPF protection within it that's a bonus. 

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