Wednesday, 17 September 2014

WHAT?! I’m 25… Well happy birthday to me

That’s right, today is my birthday! 

You might be thinking why on earth is she blogging on her birthday? Well, in my last day as a 24 year old, I had somewhat of an epiphany! 

That’s right!  

I not only realised I was turning a quarter of a century, but I also mentally recapped over my life.

My first memory as a child

Is it strange that I can only remember being 3 years old? Any memory before then seems to have been wiped from my mind. Damn you brain! 
So here goes..

I remember my first day at nursery, I was so excited to start school and mingle with the other kids. I remember leaving our house and running up towards the gate. I tripped and fell on the slabbed steps and smacked my face off the floor. I remember my mother’s panicked face, and I remember starting to cry. My lip was the size of a golf ball and my poor mum had to squeeze the dirt out of the cut. I didn't get to start nursery for another week! So much for being excited about my first day at nursery.

It’s strange, when I was 15 I wanted to be 18, I use to make plans in my head about what I wanted to do and I remember all those teenage worries that are just a distant memory. I used to say I wanted to be famous; it makes me laugh looking back. I was besotted with my good friend’s cousin, and I use to worry about the most simple of things.

If I could advice my 15 year old self, I would say enjoy yourself, stop caring about what others think and save some money for when you’re 25 and broke! 

But now I'm 25 and I'm thinking what it’s going to be like being 30! I can imagine myself being married and having a child of my own. I can imagine what car I want to buy and what holidays I'm going to plan… maybe I could still be famous… just kidding!  

In my 25 years I have laughed, cried, been heartbroken, lost loved ones, found loved ones, fell in love, found a soul-mate, lost friends, gained new ones, achieved more than I thought possible, worked hard, played harder, enjoyed myself, been negative, became positive and life keeps just getting better! 

I have had a blessed life, yes like many people I have had some very difficult obstacles to face but still, I have been lucky. So that epiphany I was talking about, I have decided that right now, in this moment I am at the peak of my life, I have a wonderful family, a gorgeous boyfriend, great friends and an unbelievably lucky life.

Here is my wonderful life in pictures..


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