Friday, 23 January 2015

Beauty Essential Of The Week | January 2015

This week's beauty essential has got to be the Bourjois Paris Rouge Edition Velvet Lipstick in the colour Ole Flamingo. I absolutely love this colour and brand. The lipstick itself is incredibly long lasting, it's a great texture and easy to apply with the lip gloss style applicator. Very easy to contour your lips and get the look you want. 

The colour is perfect for spring/summer and really adds a glow to your face. I wear it with subtle makeup so it is more dominant on my face. 

It's the perfect shade if you just want to glam yourself up and feel good. 

Definitely a recommended product that's available in all your local drug-stores such as Boots and Superdrug! 

What has been your beauty essential for this week? 


  1. It looks really nice! :)

    1. Thank you :) Sorry for the delay on replying back!! Great blog by the way xo


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