Friday, 16 January 2015

Best Lip Balms of 2015

Lip balms are essential products within my everyday makeup routine. A good lip balm provides moisture, long lasting softness and smooth texture. 
I also love a lip balm that both smells and tastes nice, that's just a preference of mine, however it isn't important.

I have a large number of lip balms that I use, I have a few favourites that I wanted to share with you and a few that I feel do not match up to my expectations. 

Lip balms I would recommend:

My personal favourites are the Naked Lips Superfruits lip balm and Balmi cube lip balm. They are soft on the lips, easy to apply and long lasting! 

Lip balms I wouldn't recommend:

Both of these lip balms are very disappointing! They do not provide the moisture that I feel is an essential quality of a good lip balm. They are rather sticky and provide an over shine which looks like a lip gloss. I would not recommend these to anyone. 


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