Thursday, 15 January 2015

What I'm Wearing | Workwear

I rarely write these types of post. However, after a few requests I decided to include this into my regular post schedule. I usually dress rather casual for work, skinny jeans with a nice top. However, today I decided to dress more business like and smart.

I have noticed that how I dress always depends on my mood. If I am tired, I dress lazy - meaning jeans and a loose top. I really want to try and make an effort and dress the part. I hope this helps my mood, makes me feel more positive and encourages me to make the most of my work. 

I tend not to wear makeup and I usually leave my hair wavy, unless I want to straighten it or tie it up. Today, I decided to leave my hair wavy and I am wearing a dress, its the daisy print dress from Topshop. It cost me around £40. 

The dress is red with white flowers. The length of the dress sits just above the knee and it is fitted at the top and flows below my waist. I have paired this with black tights and flat tie shoes. 

I do feel more confident when I dress smart, I feel that I am ready to start the day and can really focus on business. 

What do you wear to work? Does this affect your mood?

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  1. That dress is beautiful. I love your sense of style, so cute and chic! xx


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