Thursday, 5 February 2015

Valentine's day Lush haul

I have been so eager to do another Lush haul for you guys! After my Lush collection has been slowly dwindling down I have been waiting for payday to arrive to purchase some more amazing products. 
This month I decided to try some new things, I am being more adventurous. Usually, I choose products that have Shea butter scents as they are my favourite and I just LOVE how they make my skin feel after a hot bath. 

Of course, I topped up on a few regular products i.e. Butterball! 

As always, I produced a video for you on my channel.. Check it out. 



My favourites so far are the Butterball (obviously) and Yuzu And Cocoa (although it has great resemblance to someone's bum). They both have such incredible smells and I cannot wait to use them. I was rather disappointed with the Unicorn Horn, it doesn't smell that great and when it arrived all the stars had fell off. Which means it wasn't packaged very well. 

Both the Heart Throb and Love Locket look fantastic. After watching and reading different reviews I think they will be wonderful both to look at and the feel they have on my skin. I will of course let you know which ones are worth purchasing and why. 

Thank you for reading this post! Let me know what Lush products you're using and which ones you would recommend!!

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