Monday, 1 June 2015

10 reasons to love June

Can you believe that we are officially half way through 2015! It's honestly incredible. As always, lets kick-start the month with positive vibes! It's like a tradition for me to write these articles and it gets me in the best frame of mind for the month ahead. 

So, let me get started... 10 REASONS TO LOVE JUNE
  1. I'm going on holiday!!! I had to put this first because well lets face it... it's exciting! 
  2. High waisted denim shorts are back in for the summer.. I love this style - it reminds me of festival season!
  3. Glastonbury Festival! So, I am not going (sad face) but I know many of you are! It's a real highlight for many music lovers and there are so many amazing singers performing this year - JEALOUS!
  4. BBQ season - Get those BBQ's out of the shed - dust them off and get the burgers cooking! 
  5. Ordering holiday clothes! For many of you lovelies, you're counting down the days until you get to fly away to some exotic country where you can do nothing but sip cocktails and lie on a beach! It's time for summer sales and to order those last minute bikinis!
  6. Time for a health check! June is the best time of the year to really crack on and consider your health. (Not that you shouldn't be doing this already) But what better time to start jogging or walking to get in better shape. The suns out people! 
  7. Fathers day! Time to appreciate all those amazing things your dad has done for you over the years - Love you dad xo. 
  8. Strawberry picking - This is a personal thing for me. I love when summer hits because myself and Gary head over to the local farms and go strawberry picking. It's a cheap way to have some great fun. 
  9. Cinema in the park returns! 
  10. Pride festival in London - You don't have to be homosexual to appreciate this day! If you have friends, or family who are gay then this is a day to show your support! I am all about equality 
What do you love about June? 

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