Thursday, 1 October 2015

10 reasons to love October

September always seems to go incredible fast. Now we have reached October - which means we are officially in autumn - the best season of them all! 

As always, I wanted to start the month on a positive note by listing all the things we have to look forward to this month! Here are my 10 reasons to love October..

  1. Pumpkins ... all things pumpkin flavoured, pies, soup and even cupcakes! 
  2. Woolly jumpers - perfect time for fashion forward individuals to start pulling out those fancy autumn clothes
  3. Halloween - Best time for kids, if you have children and of course for adults to dress up and have a laugh! 
  4. The leaves on the trees change colour and fall to the ground.. crunching noise under your shoes! Ahhh delightful
  5. The clocks turn back 1 hour on the 26 October... errrr yes! One extra hour in bed snoozing! 
  6. Makeup change - Yes it's now totally acceptable to rock out that berry lipstick..everyday!
  7. Ankle Boots - If you haven't already bought them September, October is the perfect month.
  8. Hats and Scarves - It's chilly now so get those scarves out the closet!
  9. It's only 85 days until Christmas! Ho Ho Ho!
  10. Boyfriend coats are a must have! I want... I want! 

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