Monday, 19 October 2015

Morphe Brushes 35N palette

After hunting down where I could buy Morphe Brushes products in the UK, I finally found a website which sold a variety of American beauty products. Watching American YouTubers with envy as they swatch and review so many amazing palettes and makeup, I really wanted to get my hands on some of the products they recommended. 

I came across this particular Morphe Brushes 35N palette and thought it would be perfect. So I went ahead an bought it. At £15 it was a bargain, especially if you compare it to other eyeshadow palettes, such as the Urban Decay Naked Palettes which start at £38. 

I always look for more affordable products and I think £15 for a 35 shade eyeshadow palette definitely ticks the boxes. 

So the packaging isn't all that attractive - plain black with a red/white logo in the centre. It wasn't the prettiest. However, the plastic casing really does protect the eyeshadows from breaking and they also wrap the eyeshadow case in bubble wrap inside the box which is both clever and designed to protect the eyeshadow too. Lets face it, I didn't buy the eyeshadow to stare at the packaging. It is simple and does the job. 

Just wow!! I have watched review after review and to be honest, you never really know if someone is genuine or being sponsored to provide a good review on YouTube that's is just how it is. In this case, every recommendation has been true to the quality of the product. The eyeshadows are creamy, they are highly pigmented and the colours just pop. I recently purchased some Mac cosmetics fix plus which is great to really bring out the brighter colours. It's a great palette and perfect for my olive skin tone. I love the browns and pink/nudes I also like the mustard colours and oranges. I am not a fan of the cooler tones - meaning the purples, however I think on the right person these would look great. They are just not colours I would use on a daily basis. 

Swatch and review

The only negative is that there is slight fall out when you use them, maybe this is me being too harsh with the brush but each shade is a good size and the fall out isn't huge amounts. Overall, I think it's worth every penny. If you could only afford one palette, I would definitely recommend this one. It has 35 buttery shades that can cater for all seasons if you work them correctly. 


  1. please could you leave a link as to where you purchased the palette from? x

    1. Hey Hannah, sorry I have only just seen your message. Here's the link as to where you can find this palette in the UK: xx


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