Wednesday, 21 October 2015

Those ASOS shoes

I just had to have them. Yes, it's autumn, yes they are not appropriate on a variety of levels because well it's cold and they are no doubt made for summer. However, I will rock them regardless - my poor feet may feel the pain, thank goodness I drive and well I like to think I will look rather fashionable... right? 

If you didn't guess, I recently purchased two pairs of shoes. I am currently loving the variety that ASOS have in stock. There is so much to choose from and numerous styles to fall in love with. In my current collection I am missing colour and suitable styles for work. This is why these shoes caught my attention. They are both smart and classy. I love the patent look and the bright orange style. 

I like to purchase shoes that I know will match my wardrobe. I plan outfits in my mind before I click the buy button. I can't justify wasting money. I have also had issues with their shoes previously and have been cautious about my purchases from their website as the quality isn't always the best. However, these looks wonderful so I cannot wait to receive them and try them.

I will of course keep you posted!!

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