Thursday, 4 February 2016

Dior Hypnotic Poison

Dior Hypnotic Poison has got to be one of my favourite scents ever created. Which speaks volumes because I am such a picky person when it comes to selecting the right perfume. For years I have said how much I love this and still to this day, it's one that I will reach for on a regular basis. 

I realised not too long ago that I have never actually reviewed this fragrance in detail for you and really explained what there is to love. So, when my younger brother Ryan re-purchased a bottled for me at Christmas I just had to write this. 


I find the overall packaging quite simplistic and slightly outdated. It doesn't reflect the scent and quite frankly it doesn't appeal to many people. The red and black with hints of gold is quite dark romantic/Gothic which if I was buying this product based on just the box it comes in, I wouldn't bother. However, I suppose the dark box reflects the name of the perfume - Hypnotic poison which in turn justifies the intensity of the colours and the use of dark tones. 

This scent launched in 1998, which just FYI - was 18 years ago. This scent is sweet, with real hints of vanilla and I would say it's slightly woody. There is also an underlying fruity tone which combines and compliments the vanilla so well. It's definitely intense and I would say suits better in the evening rather than as your casual everyday perfume. The longevity of this perfume is around 5 hours, it blends so well into the skin that sometimes you don't realise you have it on until someone compliments you about it. 

I would definitely recommend it to ladies who like a more elegant perfume, it screams Hollywood glamour and I absolutely love it. You can buy this perfume in all your standard perfume shops, I usually purchase my fragrances from Boots, or 

I hope you enjoyed this review!

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