Wednesday, 17 February 2016

Unsubscribing from GlossyBox

After careful consideration, I have decided to unsubscribe from Glossybox. I have been contemplating whether this is the right decision or not since the end of last year, and I have decided that now is the right time.

I have been losing interest in Glossybox for sometime now and I feel almost bored with the process. My excitement levels have disappeared and to be honest, I feel more and more disappointed when my box arrives. This is nothing against Glossybox and it's definitely worth it if you're new to beauty and would like to be introduced to new brands. However, after a while it becomes very repetitive and I don't feel it's worth the £13.99 I spend each month.

This months marks a time to start saving and being more frugal. I have been wanting to save and start building a better life for myself for a while and now I feel I am in the right place and position to do so. I have so many plans for 2016, and saving money is all part of that plan. The £13.99 is just a small amount of money I can save in addition to what I have calculated already. This will give me an extra £167.88 each month.

Unsubscribing from GlossyBox was really simple and painless. There is nothing worse than trying to unsubscribe from something and it being long winded. This was just a quick click of a button and you receive an email to say you have unsubscribed. 

I may one day find a new subscription box that suits me, but for now, I think I am better off without one.


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