Tuesday, 8 March 2016

International women's day

I don’t think you have to be a feminist to believe in the importance of marking International Women’s Day. I am not about to burn my bra or go marching down the street on a rampage about equality. However, I do feel that this is still an issue we need to contend with, but today is a day to celebrate greatness. 

As a woman, I feel that there are many forms of inequality that we are dealing with, it's not just a business focused ideology, but one that stretches across many areas.

I have to admit, I feel lucky. Some of you may be thinking - what the fuck, but I am serious. I understand and appreciate this is a problem child that we as women have been dealing with for centuries. However, I do feel lucky,  as this inequality that we face is much worse in other countries that do not give women a voice to fight.

So today, I want give power to those women who do not have a voice. Let today be the day where we use this opportunity to take centre stage and show what we can do. We debate so frequently around this matter that many overlook how far we have come. There is always going to be a battle, but hopefully, we can fix this issue for future generations.

I want to highlight and give praise to the amazing women both before me - who have helped women embrace equality, and now - who are continuing to fight for equality and have achieved fantastic things. 

This day reminds us all that we deserve the best, we can achieve the best, and that change is paramount.  Saying that, I think the world is changing. Opportunities are opening up and we are taking a stance. I strongly believe that we are finally starting to see a difference.

I do think that there are women who are undervalued and are still feeling inadequate in comparison to men, both in business and life itself - which is shameful and is still a topic that needs investigating and dealt with.

However, today is a day to make a stand, love who you’re.

I think that 'ACHIEVED' is the most important word here, we can achieve incredible things - we already are. 

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