Friday, 1 July 2016

Topshop nails it

I have been purchasing Topshop nail polish for years now. Not only are they affordable, but they also have an impressive and diverse colour selection. 

Whenever I browse through my Topshop app, I always find myself on the beauty section - obvs! Which as you can tell from this post, happened to me recently.

I love painting my nails, it makes me feel feminine and it's one of the simple pleasures I have in life where I pamper myself. We all deserve a little pampering every now and again.

If you follow me on Instagram, you will no doubt have seen my many nail pictures that I have taken shortly after visiting the nail salon.

I am very much a neutral kind of girl, so you will never see me with extremely bright nails, unless I'm feeling brave. I just like the simplicity of a natural tone and find that these are always the shades I go to first.  I like my nails to look real and elegant, so sophisticated shades are more my thing. 

Which brings me to the recent shade that I purchased from Topshop. 


I ordered this online and the process was extremely simple. I received my purchase within two days and they were packaged as expected. 

The shade I purchased is called Pirouette, and it's a peach/beige colour which you can see in my picture above. When I saw the colour, I immediately knew that this would look great on. 

I was slightly sceptical about the image on the app as you never know how intense or matte a nail polish will be until you try it on. 

Plus, the nail varnish online looks silky to me and I really am not a fan of washed out shades, silky or overly shiny varnishes or shimmer polishes as I hate that you can still see your nail through the paint and trying to remove shimmer/glitter is just a pain.

I tried Pirouette straight away, and it covers my nails beautifully. I also found that I only needed two coats which is to be expected from a good quality polish to get that clean finish. 

The application was easy and quick to do and the brush applicator seems slightly larger than the standard nail polish brush. This was great as it cover your nail quicker. 


I am still absolutely loving this colour. It has lasted for four days so far. My nail has slightly grown out, but it hasn't chipped as of yet. I also really like the fact that this shade will go with absolutely anything. It's such a natural colour and compliments everything that I wear. 

I would definitely recommend it. Cheap, sophisticated and long lasting. 

You can find this nail varnish here.

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