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That time I was interviewed by a major fashion magazine!

I love shopping, but does that mean I love fashion? Probably not! 

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Last year I was interviewed by one of the worlds most prestigious fashion magazines. I will not mention names as I still have a great love for this particular publication regardless of my experience and I feel this article isn't a true representative of the magazine. This is about the people behind the scenes. So out of respect for a publication I enjoy, I have decided to remain silent on the name. 

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I interviewed for this magazine over a year and a half ago now. It was during a time when I was on the look out for something new, perhaps a change of career, focus or just something to make me feel more alive. I think deep down, I wanted a change. I thought about moving my career to the next level and maybe taking my writing and ideas to a place where they would be appreciated, accepted and enhanced. 

I found this position via Facebook which a friend of mine had recommended. All it said was x company needs someone creative to start ASAP email your application here. 

So spontaneously, I did so. If you know me, you would know that this is out of my usual character. I like order of some kind and well I like to know what I am applying for before doing so. I like to prep before an interview and research the company and the role. I'm not a time waster and I don't like people to waste my time either. Sounds extremely OTT, but I do feel that I make a good point that many people could relate to. However, something about the idea of just going for it excited me. Plus I knew if I chose to work at this publication that my career would take an interesting turn.  

I feel that most things need some sort of process, especially the recruitment process. It doesn't have to be strict or ridged as I am extremely fluid and know that things change quite quickly. However, as a candidate, I feel that when I am being recruited, the experience I have is a clear representation of the business and what my experience is going to be like when I am there. 

I emailed over my CV and asked a few strategic questions about the job role, pay and what to expect. All the usual things you should enquire about. What I received back was a time/place and was just expected to show up. They ignored every question I asked. That itself should have given me red flags. 

The location the sent me was to a local coffee shop. They obviously didn't want their potential new employee to come to the office. I was sent zero information on the job itself and wasn't even provided a job title. 

I have to say, this was one of the worst interview experiences I have ever had. 
Let me explain.

So far, things weren't looking great. Now I know you're wondering why on earth would I have bothered with the lack of information given to me. Yet, I like a challenge. I have confidence in my abilities to shine through and felt that maybe any task that was thrown my way would have been okay! Because I can try and tackle any problem. 

Plus, given who they are, I thought it would be perfect for me! Perfect for what I wanted.

So, I arrived at the coffee shop with nothing more than my high-street fashion sense and my CV. Last minute I was emailed as the woman that was originally meant to meet me couldn't make it, so instead I was sent a replacement. Which I didn't know about until 5 minutes before my interview and had absolutely no idea what she looked like. Not a great start. 

The coffee house was busy and noisy as standard for a London coffee house. I sat there waiting. 10 minutes later than my interview time, a slender brunette walked in. She screamed designer so I suspected it was her - I was right. She sat down and just waited. I approached and she gave me a look which screamed shit on my shoe then stood up and shook my hand. 

Clearly my high-street fashion sense didn't go down well. 

I know a resting bitch face, but I think my entire presence offended her. I smiled and announced myself. I could barely hear her as I asked my questions which she seemed perfectly clueless about. She briefly spoke to me about the magazine and then it was all about her career - which is obviously why we were there! Not. 

I wasn't asked about my experience, I wasn't asked why I wanted the job, I wasn't asked what I thought I could bring to the business. 
I remember feeling extremely disappointed by the whole experience. This magazine that I have loved for years basically crushed any hopes of me wanting to work for them.

I thought working in the fashion industry would give me the chance to align my love for fashion and beauty with my everyday work life. 
I was VERY wrong. I left that interview feeling so deflated. I'm not saying that all high-end fashion magazines are the same, but this really didn't give me the best impression. 

The next day, they offered me the job. I said no thank you - because manners never killed anybody. Hopefully my next experience with a prestigious company is a better one. 

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