Saturday, 30 December 2017

My New Year's Resolutions

2017 has been an interesting year, both in a good and bad way. There have been some incredible moments and some stressful ones too. I guess this is the same for everyone. The reality is, life can be difficult. However, I'm really pleased to say that I'm going into 2018 with a positive attitude. There's a lot to look forward to and I plan on enjoying every moment. 

Each year I set myself goals for the New Year - some rather unrealistic. So therefore, this year I have decided to set 5 targets that I want to reach by 31 December 2018. 
  1. Save more - I'm currently saving for my wedding which is a challenge in itself. However, my plan is to continue to save more than I have been. I need to live within my means and also budget better. 
  2. Reach 3K subscribers on YouTube - I have had a great year on YouTube so far and I am hoping to do even better in 2018. I have created a more consistent filming schedule and I'm determined to stick to it. Keep your fingers crossed and make sure you subscribe to support my channel. 
  3. Have the best wedding ever - I get married in 2018 and I always hear how brides tend to be bridezillas during this process. That's not me at all. The mind-set that I have is to really enjoy the planning of everything. It's one day and then I enter into the next phase of my life which is very exciting and unbelievably scary. I want to have the best wedding. One that both myself and those who are coming will remember.
  4. Take better care of my health - In 2017, I went through a great phase of hitting the gym every week. However, it's so expensive to keep it up. I do really want to be healthy, so my plan is to start walking more. It's a free, I can do this on my lunch break at work and it doesn't interfere with my evenings - which I am going to need for wedding planning. 
  5. Spend more time with my close friends and family - I live quite far away from my friends and family, so in 2018 I need to do more to see them. I don't want to have any regrets when I'm older that I didn't make more of an effort. 
Life can be difficult and some things happen that are out of your control. However, you lead your own life. If you want to make change, don't wait around for things to just happen, you need to be proactive and make your own luck. I hope 2018 is a wonderful year for you all. 

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