Thursday, 8 February 2018

Glossier Makeup Review

Taking no makeup, makeup looks to new levels...

Anyone who knows me, knows that the more natural I can have my makeup the better. It's not just the ease of applying it, or how quick I can throw on a face of makeup in the morning. It's more about actually looking like myself. 

In my opinion, there is something so wonderful about natural beauty. I don't think anyone should try to hide it. Glossier makeup really achieves this look so well. It's lightweight formula really compliments your skin and the natural beauty of it. 

Here's a breakdown of what I purchased and my overall opinions. 

Skin Tint
The skin tint is perfection. It blends in well and provides just what it says on the bottle - a tint or a glow. It's not full coverage or heavy. It's very light and airy and doesn't look cakey on your face. It's definitely my go-to right now. Especially on days where I haven't slept well or need an extra boost. 

What's also great is that it lasts quite a long time. I would say around 9 hours it stays on my skin. I have combination skin, so I was surprised when it didn't cause havoc with my oily T-Zone. 

I have never used a concealer quite like it before. Similar to the skin tint it's wonderful on your skin. It's a very creamy formula which I think you could definitely build up if needed. I found that it just melted into my skin so well and gave me the coverage I prefer. 

Boy Brow
I once said, if it's good enough for Beyonce, it's definitely good enough for me. As someone with natural thick eyebrows, I love a product that can help tame and shape them. This definitely does that. I purchased the clear version and it just sweeps through my eyebrows with ease. It feels like a waxy consistency when it's dried down. It definitely keeps your shape well and it's also long lasting.

Generation Lipstick
This is a definite favourite of mine. Really smooth on your lips with an almost lip balm feel. Very moisturising. Lovely colour, which you can build up to intensify the shade or dab on to make a more subtle natural look. Just perfect. 

Overall, Glossier makeup is wonderful. I will definitely be purchasing more from this brand. I think they have taken the no makeup, makeup look to new levels! I'm seriously impressed. 

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