Sunday, 11 March 2018

The Lash Lift Procedure

Yesterday, I decided to go and get my eyelashes lifted. It's something that I have considered before but never took the leap to get it done. That was until my friend Natalie was looking for people to practice on as part of her beauty course. 

I honestly have been amazed by the results. I have quite long natural lashes, but to get them to lift and look amazing always ends up with me battling with an eyelash curler and layers of mascara. After 45 minutes on Natalie's beauty table, my lashes look revitalised and longer than ever. 

Swatch test
Before I had the lash lift, I had to have a patch test of the products that were going to be used. This test was done a week prior to my appointment, but if you have sensitive eyes it is recommended that you have your swatch test done 48hours prior to ensure you have no allergic reactions to the products. 

Preparation and cleansing
I was asked to lie on the beautician table face upward with my head resting on a neck pillow. I then had my lashes cleaned with eye makeup remover and cotton pads to ensure there was no excess mascara left on my lashes. Then my lashes were cleansed with a protein remover pad to ensure no oil residue remained on my lashes before my treatment could begin. 

The process

Firstly, under-eye pads are applied over my lower lashes. This is to ensure that your lower lashes are protected and do not get caught in the lifting procedure. The pads are really comfortable and do not damage your lower lashes. 

Once your lower lashes are covered, it's time to start the treatment. Curled shields are placed on your eyelids. These come in three sizes, small, medium and large. The larger version is for a more subtle lift and the smaller for a more intense lift. I had the medium applied to my lid.

With the shield in place, the technician will apply a thin layer of bonding gel to the shield and then using a small metal tool begin to press the lashes to the bonding gel. This is quite an unusual feeling and can feel slightly scratchy but not painful at all. This takes around 5 minutes to do. 

Once this is done, a lifting balm is them placed on the lashes. This balm breaks dojwn the disulphide bonds in the hairs that determine your natural lash shape. By breaking down your eyelashes, the beautician can then manipulate your lashes into forming a new shape.

A lifting balm is then placed on your lashes for around 15 minutes to create the perfect lift. As my lashes are very straight, this really works amazingly to give me a great look.  

After the lifting balm is removed, another cream is applied to repair the bonds in your lashes. This enables your lashes to stay in the new structure that's been created. This is left on the lashes for around 10 minutes. 

The final treatment which is completely optional is tinting. As someone who always wears mascara, this was a great option for me. Tinting of the lashes just intensifies the colour giving you a natural intense eye look without having to wear mascara - perfect for people on the go and amazing for fair-haired people. The tint is left on the lashes for around 5 minutes. 

Now your lashes should have taken on their new shape. The technician will then remove the pads and brush through your lashes to get rid of any excess. Then a moisturising serum is applied to your lashes to nourish them. After this, your treatment is complete. 

A few tips that Natalie gave me:

  1. Your lashes cannot be subjected to steam or water, avoid hot showers, sauna, swimming, dishwasher etc. for the first 24hrs. 
  2. Try not to rub your eyes for the first 24hrs
  3. No mascara for 24hrs

Always go to a professional to get this treatment done. Do not try this at home and be sure to always do a patch test before having any chemicals applied to your skin. 

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  1. Thanks very much for this review. I actually saw an advert for this treatment this morning and was curious to know what it was so your step by step write up is super helpful!


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