Thursday, 20 March 2014


Crafting a heartfelt and elegant film about Abraham Lincoln, Director Steven Spielberg has done it again.
Taking you back in American history touching on Lincoln's second term in office and his intense battle to try and stop slavery, the topic of abolishing slavery amongst the white ruling class was an absurd idea to them, this film portrays the brutality of the times and the troubles that occurred, but the strength of a man that was trying to do right.

Daniel Day-Lewis (Lincoln) performance was impeccable, without a doubt cerebral and heart warming, he portrays Lincoln as this overly skilled intellect of a man, with honest manners and charisma, demanding authority and a natural born leader.

His political capital, though strong and great, is slowly crumbling beneath his feet, as the Civil War battles on around him; Lincoln begins his second term in office and is willing to chance it all to abolish slavery before hopes of defeating the South.
To create such a radical change of the times he must do business with Thaddeus Stevens (Tommy Lee Jones) a hostile and stubborn man, and at the same time ask conservative Republican Preston Blair (Hal Holbrook) for his faction's votes attempting to convince him that what he plans to do is the right thing. 

With the conditions laid down that could change everything, dangerous and secret compromises have to be made but when the rebels keep their guard and they do not surrender as Lincoln hoped they would, the agonising truth dawns on him that he may have to abandon his dreams fo the anti-slavery amendment. 

A truly fascinating and theatrical performance and an honest piece of history. 
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