Saturday, 27 September 2014

Easy Peasy Apple Crumble

I am a big fan of traditional cooking, home-made apple crumble, apple pie, muffins, cupcakes and pretty much anything else that you can make at home that's sweet. I don't get a lot of time to cook, with work and everyday jobs I find it so hard to make time. I started to research ways to make cooking easier and by chance I did.  Today I thought I would show you a simple way to make an apple crumble. 

Four large cooking apples 

Tuesday, 23 September 2014

Breast Cancer awareness

I know this sounds like such a morbid subject to discuss, but it's an issue that so many women face. My mum Sylvia was diagnosed with breast cancer on the 25 April 2014. She has been through the mill and back with hospital visits and operations.

She is the reason for this post, she is the inspiration behind why I want to reiterate the importance of getting yourself checked. Like many people, I have been ignorant about how severe breast cancer really is, it isn't until someone you know and love is a sufferer that you open your eyes to how serious this is. 

Did you know that breast cancer is the most common cancer in the UK? 48,000 women get breast cancer in Britain each year.

I wanted to share my mums story with you, to offer insight, to make you more aware and maybe to give you hope.

My mum Sylvia, 48 years old and a sufferer of breast cancer. When she told me the news I was on holiday with my boyfriend Gary, we were just about to go on the ferry to head across to Dartmouth when I received a message to say that her tests came back positive and that she will need to go in for more scans and to talk surgery.

My initial reaction like any daughters was to break down into tears, but somehow I held it together and managed to talk things through with her. 

The doctors said the first stage was for her to have a lumpectomy, this was to get rid of the mass that had grown, after the procedure the surgeon said the operation wasn't successful. The mass had spread. 

I can't even imagine how my mum felt, but if it was anything like how myself and the rest of my family felt.. we were devastated. 

You get this sense of hope when the first operation is over, that once this is done the cancer is gone and we can live happily ever after. 

But for my mum, this was just the beginning of her journey. 

After more biopsies, x-rays and check ups the hospital scheduled another surgery, this  time round she was to have her lymph-notes under her left arm and in her breast removed, this caused serious pain and discomfort and also wasn't successful. 

In August, they scheduled her in for a mastectomy to remove the breast completely. They offered reconstruction surgery however, due to my mums heart they couldn't keep her under anaesthetic for a long period of time. So she was one of the many women who unfortunately cannot have reconstruction. 

She is now going through chemotherapy which is heartbreaking to see, she is losing her hair and looking more fragile than ever. However, she is on the mend and still fighting. 

I wanted to share my mums story with you all, I hope you find inspiration and find the will to fight. My mum is exceptional and I have never been more proud of her. 

Tuesday, 16 September 2014

12 items that remind me of Christmas

I know it's early, but as a lover of Christmas I just had to do a quick post on this...

I felt like the biggest kid when I found this out! Thank you twitter
I thought it was only right to do the 12 items that remind me that Christmas is coming...
  1. The weather turns cold
  2. High street stores start stocking Christmas goodies... i.e... biscuit selection boxes
  3. Hot chocolate with cream and marshmallows becomes acceptable to drink at work
  4. Normal latte becomes a thing of the past, it's all about Costa coffee gingerbread latte 
  5. More people start wearing hats and scarf's
  6. The sandals are put away and the ankle boots come out of hiding
  7. Cable knit jumpers become a fashion must-have
  8. The air con is off and the radiators are on
  9. Home alone gets played on TV more than once
  10. Supermarkets start stocking the famous Christmas Turkey at £23
  11. Christmas albums are promoted on TV
  12. It starts to become dark outside at 5pm
The famous Gingerbread Latte

What reminds you that Christmas is coming? 


Thursday, 11 September 2014

September 11th a date to be remembered

I remember being in school when we heard the news on the radio, I remember seeing my french teachers face and the tears that filled her eyes. I was 11 years old. I was in year 7 and it was only the beginning of my first year at secondary school. (High School to my American friends)

I had never really experienced bad news in my life at that point, it's quite a different story now, but back then my innocent mind was still unaware of such tragic events. I was never one to watch the news and my parents were never ones to involve us in anything political so needless to say I was a clueless adolescent. That day completely changed my view of the world, still to this day my heart is sad for those people that lost their lives, I never knew them, I was never their friend, but I felt grief for them. 

I remember going home and sharing the news that was reported worldwide to my parents, who already knew but listened anyway. There was so much pain, despair and confusion. I remember that we watched the news everyday that week, keeping updated with the event that changed America, that started a war and that broke so many hearts around the world.

I know the pain of loss. I lost my niece 3 years ago, she was only 9 years old. I know the empty feeling and it still makes me cry now. I feel for those families. You move on with life as you're meant to, but it never stops you thinking, it never stops you missing them, you never fill that void. 

The difference between my loss and theirs is the brutality of the incident, the cruelty of men. Brave people lost their lives trying to save others. I feel till this day that there is so much anger, so much death. 

So, today I want to remember those who fought to save the lives of others, who gave their  own lives to help and for those who should still be with us today! 

May you rest in peace.
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