Tuesday, 7 October 2014

Interiors | Living Room Snippet part 2

After receiving such great comments about my interiors post for my living room and kitchen, I thought I would share with you part two of my living room snippet. 

We have added some new additions to the living space in our home so I wanted to share these with you all today! 

The love scrabble picture was designed and created by my boyfriend Gary for my 24th birthday! It is one of the most precious pieces I own and is placed on my wall with pride. 

We love candles within our home as we feel they provide additional beauty, and this particular candle and stand were purchased from Homebase for £25, we have two. One that is placed on our dining room table and another that is placed on our coffee table. We love these pieces, with countless compliments from friends and family! They were a bargain purchase. 
Plants bring your home to life, not only adding colour but also warmth. We have two of these indoor plants better known as Dracaena Marginata situated either side of our TV stand. 
Gary bought this door stopper from Cargo on the high street of Wokingham, its beautiful and matches our grey, green and dark wood combination. 
Our beloved throw was a gift from Gary's mum Corrie, truth is Gary loved it so much he didn't want to give it back! it's beautiful and warm. Every home should have a throw in their living room. They are perfect for those cold mornings or evenings when you want to snuggle on the sofa. I am not 100% sure where this was bought from but its beautiful, with tassel's on the end.
And finally, my home-made candles. I have been wanting to make these for a while now, they are made from empty white wine clear glass bottles and dining room long candles from Waitrose. They look stunning on my window sills in the living room. 

To create this particular look is simple, wash the bottles thoroughly, peel off the stickers on the front of the bottle and melt the candle at the bottom. You can either do this by melting the ends of the candle or you can cut away using a sharp knife as if sharpening a pencil. Once the candle is firmly in, use a lighter and lightly melt the candle so it drips down the sides. (Please be extra careful when doing this, try not to burn your fingers).

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  1. I love the decor, especially the scrabble art your boyfriend made you! :D


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