Monday, 6 October 2014

Barry M Natural Glow Palette 2

I recently purchased the Barry M Natural Glow 2 Palette from Superdrug. I really liked the colours within the palette and for £6.49 it was a bargain buy. I only purchase nail varnish from Barry M usually, however I thought it would be a good idea to try out the quality of their other products. 

The colours within the palette are perfect for the autumn season, natural with a sprinkle of glitter which you can't go wrong with. I tried out two of the colours to see the quality and the feel of them on my skin. 

The colours look okay, however they appear lighter on my skin then they did within the palette, which is a little disappointing. If you want a dark look you have to really scrape the palette to build up a thick layer on your application sponge. I wasn't so impressed to be honest. There was a lot of excess eyeshadow which is normal of a cheaper brand. The eyeshadow lasts around two hours, which isn't great. 

If you want an eyeshadow palette for every day use that you don't mind how much or little you use, then this would be right for you. It's cheap in price, the palette isn't brilliant quality however it does the job for a simple quick look. Perfect if you have a limited budget. 

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