Thursday, 29 January 2015

Top tips for mastering a job interview

If you're anything like me, you have a full time job. Yes, I am a Miss 9-5 (what a way to make a living) and I have a very busy (and budding) career. 

As much as I would love to blog for you guys on a full time basis, it isn't feasible and I have bills to pay plus if I am being honest, I enjoy doing both. I remember the transitional period of leaving university and hunting for a full time job. It can be stressful and there are days where you will feel like you're useless and untalented. Do not fret! 

There are thousands of other people in the same situation that feel this way - I don't know if that's comforting but what I am getting at is, you are not alone. 

So, today I thought I would offer my advice on how to master a job interview. It's rather a random post for my blog, but I thought it sits well under my lifestyle posts.

I have been asked frequently what I do for my day job, how I got my job, what my skills are and also whether I am a full time blogger. Now, you all know I am a businesswoman - or try to be. I have a background in digital marketing and content and I champion these two areas (or should I say try to). I am an enthusiastic blogger who enjoys offering my advice on a regular basis and I would like to eventually merge everything I have done in my past and what I currently do right now to make one incredible opportunity - where that will take me I am unsure, but I am positive it will be awesome. 

I am always learning, and that's the beauty of working somewhere that helps you to excel. 

I cannot say that my suggestions will 100% get you the job you seek, but I hope it gives you more confidence in your interviews. 

Here are my top tips:

RESEARCH THE COMPANY | Do not go to an interview unprepared. If you really want the job you have applied for, you will do you background research! Nothing looks worse than a prospective employee turning up with a blank face. Do your homework!!

READ THE JOB SPEC | I cannot put enough emphasis on how important it is that you know the job spec you have been provided with. What position are you applying for? How does your skills match up? Make sure you compare and highlight your strengths.

DRESS THE PART | I cannot press this issue any clearer. If you turn up to an interview looking scruffy, do not expect a call back. You need to look professional, you need to make a good first impression and you can do this by looking the part. 

ARRIVE ON TIME | No, not 10 minutes late, not even a minute late. You should be at your interview at least 10 minutes prior. You then have those 10 minutes to compose yourself, go to the bathroom and flick through your notes. (Not on the toilet guys! Unless of course that works for you... very unhygienic) 

FIRM HANDSHAKE | Introduce yourself with a good solid handshake, show you mean business. A good handshake shows that you're self-assured and confident. 

EYE CONTACT | Keep eye contact and smile. Do not look around the room or seem distracted. Show that you're interested in what the recruiter has to say and look awake. 

PREPARE YOUR ANSWERS | Many people get tongue tied when they are put under pressure or on the spot. Don't panic, take a deep breath and then answer. There are many websites that provide you with potential interview questions. 

ASK QUESTIONS | If this is the job you want then make sure you ask as many questions as you can! You want to get a feel for the company that you could potentially be joining. 

'What are the team like?'
'Is it a social work environment?'
'What are the average work hours?'
'What are the goals for the company?'
'Who would I be reporting to?'

WHAT IS THE NEXT STEP | Don't keep yourself in the dark. Ask what the next stage of the interview process is so you're aware. It shows that you're interested and eager to hear back from them.

I hope these help you! I am not the master of job interviews, but I am someone that is currently working and looking to progress within my career. This is the advice I would give myself.

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