Tuesday, 3 February 2015

Keep it thrifty

THRIFTY DEFINITION "Using Money And Other Resources Carefully And Not Wastefully."

I work hard everyday. That isn't a statement - more of a fact of life. I spend the majority of my time at work and what for?? For all my money to end up on bills, basically leaving me little money to play around with and actually have a life. This is why I decided to become a little more THRIFTY.. 

I have always found it difficult to save, especially after all the household bills, groceries and everything else has been paid for. I decided to make a spreadsheet.. I know, I know, how organised (or nerdy, or responsible). I wanted to start keeping track of what money I have coming in, and what money I have going out. 

I am paying all sorts, pension, student loan, council tax etc etc.. which are crucial for my future and general bills I have no choice in paying. THAT'S LIFE. But, I wanted to really start to control where I spend my money, I wanted to start putting a little aside each month and well stop spending money where it doesn't need to be spent. 

So, this is where the spreadsheet idea come in. I now break down everything that I spend each month. I take all my receipts.. even if it's a cheeky Subway (yes, Gary even the money I spend on your food) gets added to the expenses sheet. I am hoping that this will help me to manage my money better. 

I have also resorted to looking at areas of my life where I waste money. This is why I decided to unsubscribe from BIRCHBOX (See video here). It was a smart decision and although I loved receiving their box in the post each month, it wasn't feasible. When I looked at it more realistically, I hardly used the products they sent me, and the majority of the time I gave them away. So, it wasn't worth the £14 per month that I was spending. 

I am also subscribed to a similar company GLOSSYBOX, which is better suited to my likes and wants in beauty products. I decided to only have one subscription, saving me £14 per month. I have also been selling unwanted clothes and house hold products on eBay. (see list here) All the money made I will be saving for my dreams and plans for 2015

Are you thrifty? What is your biggest tip to someone who wants to be more thrifty with life. 

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