Sunday, 1 March 2015

10 reasons to love March

March is one of the best times of the year, it's the start of spring and the sun starts shining that little bit extra. There are so many reasons to love March, but I wanted a share a few of the reasons why March is a great month for me. 
  1. Easter goodies are on point of sale.. chocolate in the shape of an egg! 
  2. More daylight! I don't know about you, but I don't really like driving in the dark, I just like to see where I am going more clearly! Safety first people.
  3. My parents wedding anniversary! The will be married 32 years this year! The have been together for 37 years! TRUE LOVE :) 
  4. It's Gary's birthday! Which means... presents, cake, alcohol and a good night out! 
  5. Spring/summer clothes can start making their way back into my wardrobe! Bye hats and boots... until October
  6. Flowers blooming.. I love how pretty spring is when all the flowers start blooming
  7. St Patrick's Day! Although I don't celebrate this day, I know many of you do! So hello beer and the colour green!
  8. Mothers Day! I love my mum, and I like that there is one day dedicated to her greatness!
  9. The last day of London Fashion Weekend! Sad to see it go but so happy to be apart of it!
  10. Getting my March GlossyBox! It's always one of the best things that happen every month, but March GlossyBox is dedicated to mothers day! 
That's my 10 reasons to love March.. What is yours? 

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