Thursday, 5 March 2015

Maybelline New York makeup haul

London Fashion Weekend was an experience that all fashion lovers find incredible! This year, it was a great event for beauty bloggers as well! Not only to see the beauty looks on the catwalk, but to also purchase the beauty products they used on the models. 

This year, Maybelline New York sponsored the event, and of course they had a stand ready and available for you to purchase some of their cosmetics. 

I love Maybelline New York. I have quite a few of their products in my collection and stand by them as a brand. I recently went on a mini shopping spree at their stand and wanted to share with you all what I purchased. 

The first product I picked up was the Colour 24hr Tattoo Cream Eyeshadow in the colour On & On bronze. I forgot to take a picture of this for you, but you can see the colour in the video below! It's a stunning bronze which is perfect for the summertime to enhance my summer glow.

The next products that I picked up are the colour sensational lipsticks in the shades 418 Peach Poppy and 538 Ravishing Rose. Both colours are beautiful, bright and perfect for spring summer. They have a slight shine and provide a lot of moisture to the lips. They are very pigmented and last around 4 hours. I would recommend these if you're looking for affordable, great quality lipsticks that you can wear on a daily basis. 

When I saw these Colordrama lip pencils I just had to buy them. The thickness of the nib and the shades on offer were just lovely. The two colours that I picked up are 510 Red Essential and 410 Fab Orange. I have a big love for red lipsticks and I wanted to add these to my collection because they are so awesome. The thickness of the pencil means you can alternatively use these just as your lipstick. They are long lasting and honestly one of my favourite products made by Maybelline NY. 

And finally, the  Colossal Volume Express Mascara which was actually a freebie in the London Fashion Week Tote bag. The brush is curved quite similar to the RollerLash mascara by Benefit Cosmetics and could possibly be a cheaper alternative if you can't afford to buy the Benefit mascara. It's an intense black and combs through your lashes rather well. I have only used this once and I was quite impressed. I prefer their Great Lash mascara but this is also good for the money and good quality.

If you want to see these products up close and see what the Colour 24hr Tattoo Cream Eyeshadow looks like, check out the video below.



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