Wednesday, 1 April 2015

10 reasons to love April

April is a beautiful time of year, the sun is shining, the flowers have bloomed and you're getting a taste of the summer! Every month I share 10 things I love about that particular month, I find that it really puts life into perspective and helps me to appreciate the small things around me. I am all about positive vibes and I try my hardest to keep positive even though sometimes it is so hard to do so. 

So here are my 10 reasons to love April! *Some of these reasons are personal to me, however I am sure you have your own reasons to love this month!

  1. Good Friday, Easter Sunday and Easter Monday! I love bank holidays, it's a great time to make plans with family and well you can't forget the chocolate!
  2. April fools day! Okay, this is more of a practical joke day, it's rather amusing especially if you're a fan of pranks.
  3. London Marathon! It's a great event to watch and support! 
  4. My brothers birthday - 26 April! He will be 28 years old. Which of course means food, presents and parties.
  5. It's definitely time to put the coats and boots away! Spring fashion is here.
  6. National wear your pyjamas to work day - 18 April *yes it's actually a tradition that some companies love!
  7. Royal wedding anniversary of Prince William and Kate The Duchess of Cambridge 
  8. Husband appreciation day for those happily married couples! 
  9. Perfect month for a spring clean! Get rid of unwanted items and redecorate! 
  10. Start growing your own fruit and veg! It's the perfect weather and the best time to start being more frugal. 
What are your 10 reasons to love April?

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