Thursday, 16 April 2015

The festival edit

The atmosphere of a festival is probably one of the best feelings you will ever have. Friends, family and random people all together in a field of some sort in a location within the UK. It doesn't sound that great does it? Well it is. 

Anyone who has experienced a good hearty festival filled with laughter and great music will know what I am talking about. You bypass the fact that your friends may not have washed for a few days or that the portaloos are blocked up with someone's faeces *not the best thought... but you just enjoy the moment. It's the only time you will catch me day drinking in the middle of a field. 

For a few days you're camping out and living free.. perhaps a little too free but who cares. You become your own little country here in the middle of nowhere no-one is judging they are just enjoying themselves. 

Now, festival style never seems to die. Not that I want it to, but I have found that it comes back year after year with new inspiration and colours. People wear all sorts when they attend festivals, some dress really out there and crazy, others are more reined in and simple. It's a good combination of both. 

I have a few different ideas of how I would dress to a festival. So, I decided that I wanted to share with you all my favourite looks so far for 2015 festival season.. 
ASOS have some amazing festival fashion items which I think would be awesome to wear. Not only are they classically stylish, they are affordable. I have a new found love for ASOS. I think when you're heading to a festival, practicality is probably one of the safest options. This is why I am all for the denim look. The good thing about denim is that you can match it with pretty much anything and it looks awesome with welly boots. 

Topshop have always sold some of the best festival ranges. The best thing I have found is that you can actually wear your 'festival' clothes even if you're not going to a festival. They are stylish and great for the summer season. With the Topshop range I found that there are quite a few pieces that I would purchase. 

As you can see from my style selection, I like quite minimal fashion. The option to dress something up is far easier than trying to dress a certain style of clothing down. I am loving denim this festival season it's potentially the easiest item to wear and feel comfortable in. Paired with a crochet top and wellies or sandals I think you're on to a winner. 

What is your festival fashion essential? 

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