Friday, 29 May 2015

Life lessons from fairy tales

I recently read an article about how fairy tale’s are harmful to children? 
I don't know about you, but I think this is completely bonkers. I'm not quite sure why I feel so defensive about this, I suppose it's because I've always imagined one day reading fairy tale bedtime stories to my child. I guess the thought that these stories could have a negative impact on their life hits a nerve.

When I think of fairy tale’s, I envision love and happiness. I also think of the difference between good and evil. Every fairy tale has a happy ending, but real life never has a happy ending. We live and we die. A sad but true fact of life.
This analogy hit me, it’s not the happily ever after that’s important, it’s the story.
Fairy tale’s all have life lessons, it may appear to be all about beautiful princesses and princes and a wicked witch but when you consider the meaning behind it, there are some real life lessons to be learnt. Let me try and explain, in my opinion, we are all beautiful to someone. We are not perfect, we are vulnerable just like the beautiful princesses in the stories. We go through life with hatred and evil around us - death, loss, sadness and heartache which is exactly the same as any fairy tale story.

However, there's also happiness, love, loyalty, kindness and appreciation, especially for those all important people that we surround ourselves with - our family and friends. The difference between real life and fairy tale’s is that they focus on the positive; they focus on moving past the negative and thinking positive, essentially making the best out of a bad situation.  

The life lessons of fairy tales

  1. A fairytale teaches children the difference between good and evil.
  2. The importance of love and happiness.
  3. How to overcome even the most terrible circumstances.
  4. That good friends are important
  5. That you have to appreciate every day
  6. That you’re a strong person
  7. The meaning of trust
  8. The power of imagination
  9. Hope
  10. Loyalty
and the list goes on. 

Some may say that fairy tale’s are damaging children but I think they are empowering them to use their imagination. This super-naturalism or scepticism bullshit that some idiot claims will affect our children is a load of rubbish. Yes, everyone is entitled to their own opinion. However, I think adults always want someone or something to blame for their child’s behaviour. I agree that fairy tale’s can instil a false sense in the supernatural, but it also instils the belief of joy, happiness and dreams.
I welcome the thought that children have something to believe in. Fairy tale’s may not be true but they are endearing and innocent. When a child is grown they will realise the true meaning of fairy tale’s. But leave them to enjoy the ideals in their own mind. Allow them to imagine and create their own dreams.

Monday, 18 May 2015

May GlossyBox unwrapped

You all know how excitable I get when I receive my monthly GlossyBox.. this month was no different! 

The theme this month was around summer and I must say that I was so excited by what I received and cannot wait to use some of these products! 

MeMeMe Enchanted Eyes Dual Ended Eye Wand
Etre Belle Aloe Vera Ultra Moisturising Gel
Zerreau Towel Off Shampoo Foam
SASS Intimate Perfect Skin Concentrate
Collection Cosmetics Field Day Lipstick

All but one brand within this months box was new to me. That's the best thing about these subscription boxes, the element of surprise and being introduced to brands I would never know about. My favourite I have to say is the Collection cosmetics Field Day lipstick. It's such a stunning pink and provides such a gorgeous matte finish. It's not too bright and really suits my skin tone! 

My least favourite I have to say is the MeMeMe Enchanted Eyes Dual Ended Eye Wand - I do not wear blue eyeshadow or liner and found this very bright. Although, I think on the right person this would look beautiful! I gave this product to Gary's mum as she wears blue eyeliner and would make use of this product better than I ever could. 

I was most excited by the shampoo foam which I think is such a great alternative to dry shampoo and for people always on the go, it's a great refresher if your hair needs sprucing up a little... see what I did there? Sprucing up haha! 

Overall, I must say I am pleased! When I have had chance to try out the products I will let you know what other items I am loving! 



Tuesday, 12 May 2015

Burt's Bees lip crayons

I was recently sent these gorgeous lip crayons from Burt’s Bees to review here on Sprucenews. You all know how much I love lipstick, so to be offered the chance to trial out these exclusive products is a big deal for me.

My first thoughts were okay... They look pretty! The have incorporated their brand well and the packaging represents them. My second thought was the colours are gorgeous. I think it’s a big step for Burt’s Bees to branch out further into the makeup scene. They are known for their incredible lip balms and skin care products. The moisture in their balms are duly noted and I recommend them because of how incredibly nourishing and long lasting their products tend to be. I have used their lip gloss before and love it. You all know how much I dislike lip gloss because they tend to be gloopy and sticky. Their lip gloss products are the total opposite. They are long lasting, well pigmented and not sticky at all.  

When I heard they had created a variety of lip crayons I wasn't sure. How were they going to incorporate their moisturising balm style product into their lipsticks? Could that be possible? When I received them in the post, the colours I was given actually surprised me. They were nude and pink tones (405 Sedona Sands & 429 Hawaiian Smolder) which I don’t usually use. For me, anything that isn't a red or coral lipstick is out of my comfort zone.

They are definitely not the usual colours I would purchase if I was shopping because they are not the colours I would have chosen for myself. After trying them I found it a blessing in disguise. The colours looked incredible and they presented me with a change which is rather exciting. I have been considering a change in makeup style for a while now and this is a step closer to that change. I want to start really experimenting with my makeup looks. I always go for a really natural makeup style because it is quick and easy. Now I want to be bold and try new things.

I have been really loving the Sedona Sands colour it really suits my skin tone and looks beautiful with both natural and bold makeup. Perfect with that Smokey eye or just a plain eye. They are both really nourishing and long lasting. They give a great look and the pigment is really good. I cannot wait to try out the other colours.

They are now some of my go-to lipsticks for everyday use. 

Friday, 8 May 2015

Revlon Colorburst Matte Balm

If you recently watched my latest haul video you will have seen that I purchased these beautiful Revlon lip balms. I was browsing through the makeup sections in Boots (as you do) and came across these. 

The colours are just stunning. I originally picked up just the matte balms in the colours Audacious and Striking which were just beautiful. There are quite a few options on the Boots website, however these were the only two available in store. When I got to the counter the assistant kindly informed me that there was an offer on the Revlon products (BONUS) so I decided to try something a little different and picked up the Revlon colorburst balm stain in the colour Lovesick. It has a slight shimmer and usually I do not wear purple lipstick but I thought it was worth trying out.

My favourite are of course the matte balms as they are more like a lipstick and provide really great coverage. The pigment is brilliant and they are so wonderful for summer. I am yet to try the balm stain, but I can image that it will look really pretty with simple makeup. 

I have been wearing the matte balms to work this week and have really loved them. They are long lasting and nourishing on your lips. I would recommend wearing a lip balm first before you apply them if you're prone to dry lips. Apart from that they are just fabulous and great value for money at £7.99 each. 

Have you tried any of the other matte colours? Let me know your thoughts! 

Tuesday, 5 May 2015

Dreams & plans 2015

If you don't follow my posts on a regular basis you may not have come across my dreams & plans list which I created at the beginning of this year. I thought it was about time that I provided you all with a 'life update'. Okay, so not much has happened in terms of completing the list... yes yes I am working on it. However, I don't know if you saw my recent tweets or career change blog post, but I have moved jobs! WOOP!!

It's a big deal for me and I am once again moving my way up the career ladder. I am now working for the amazing company that is The Chartered Institute of Marketing which is HUGE! Especially in my line of work. As a marketer, to work for a company that represents the meaning of marketing is incredible. So I can officially cross that off my Dreams & Plans list. 

Now I have secured my new position here at CIM, I can now start to focus on progressing within my role and build on my knowledge. It's EXCITING! (I have said exciting about 50 times this week alone). I can also concentrate on saving now which will be amazing.

There are so many benefits working for such a great company, but one of the little extras that's thrown in is the luxury of having a gym. I have been wanting to get back into shape and lead a more healthier lifestyle, which I have started and stopped so frequently. Now, I have no excuse! Bring on the bikini bod. 

Another bullet point on my to-do list was that I wanted to attend London Fashion Week this year. Unfortunately, I didn't get the chance to attend LFW because I couldn't get the time off work. BUT, I was able to get tickets for London Fashion Weekend in February which was okay... I don't know if you saw my posts around the shows, but I didn't have the best time to be honest. However, I did go so that was one of my to-do's that I can firmly scribble off my list. 

You all know how eager I have been to book a holiday, I have finally planned a break away with my sister and little brother. It will be out first family holiday abroad which is crazy! I cannot wait. We have decided a last minute deal would be best so we can work it around all of our schedules. So YES I can cross that off too. 

So, as you can see there is still a long way to go until I complete my list, but like everything.. it's a work in progress. 

  • Progress in my career 
  • Save to buy a Mac laptop
  • Make more time for friends and family
  • Buy a new camera to produce awesome Sprucenews videos!
  • Show my appreciation for the small things
  • Go on holiday
  • Start saving properly
  • Be more thrifty with money - don't go reckless
  • Attend London Fashion Week 2015
  • Buy a Benefit cosmetic advent calendar 
  • Start yoga, Zumba and maybe even a spinning class
  • Love myself more, become healthy and cut out sugary drinks
  • Treat Gary to a weekend away
  • Book small weekend trips around Europe
  • Go to Harry Potter world

Monday, 4 May 2015

That concealer palette

There has been a big craze amongst beauty lovers around the perfect concealer palette. I have been searching for something that would provide me with the best coverage but not cost me a crazy amount of money. 

You all know I have a love for eBay, when I am looking for a bargain or I want to sell something to make some extra cash. It's my go-to shopping place. This is where I found this little beauty. It's a no-name brand and cost me £4.99 but the option of concealer is brilliant. It comes in the perfect little package which has colours for all types of skin tones. 

You're given 15 shades to choose from and some of the colours also work well as a primer for your eyeshadow. I think that it's absolutely brilliant and so good for the price which is why I needed to share this with you. 

I really do not see the point in purchasing a highly priced concealer palette when I can find one that is just as good quality for less. Where you can save some money the better. 

Tell me what your favourite concealer is..

Saturday, 2 May 2015

Bourjois colourband eyeshadow & liner

I came across these beauties when I was browsing through the Bourjois section in Boots. You know how much I love Bourjois, and their makeup products work so well with my skin. I have recently been loving wearing eyeshadow and I really wanted to find some colours to rock this summer which provides me with a more natural feel with a slight shimmer. I wasn't expecting to find anything, as always I was just window shopping and creating a list of products I wanted to buy on payday. That's when I came across these and fell in love with the shades. They are stunning. 

I wanted to share these with you guys because they were one of the best purchases I have made for a long time. They have a few different shades, but I bought 04 Rose Fauviste and 03 Beige Minimaliste. They give you that slight shimmer with a great coverage. Perfect for summer. The quality of the eyeshadow is fantastic and they can also be used as an eyeliner. I have found that they are long lasting and do not crease like so many powder eyeshadows. 

I would definitely recommend these colours. I cannot wait to use them on holiday and during the summer months. They work well with many makeup styles but my favourite has to be the natural bronze which brings out my tan and gives me a more natural feel. 

If you have used any of the other colours, let me know what your thoughts are.

Friday, 1 May 2015

10 Reasons to love May

I always look forward to writing these posts because it fills me with positive energy and confidence. I like listing the best things about the month which allows me to get excited for events that are coming up. We are almost half way through 2015 already! Can you believe that?? It will be Christmas before we know it. 

May is a beautiful time of the year and here are my 10 reasons to love May..
  1. It's my sisters birthday month... she is 6 years older than me which I like to remind her frequently, but it's always wonderful to celebrate her birthday with her. THE BIG 32!
  2. The weather has taken a turn for the best.. summer is here and the sun is shining.
  3. The sandals and shorts can finally come out of your closet.. Goodbye knitted jumpers HELLO denim jackets, shorts and sandals... DAMN I LOOK GOOD!
  4. I will be starting my new job! :) All part of my dreams and plans for 2015! I am so very excited.. new surroundings, new opportunities and of course PROGRESSION!
  5. There are two more bank holidays! 4 May and 25 May. Woop!! It's so nice having 3 day weekends! 
  6. Time to book that summer holiday! Get those last minute deals before they go!
  7. Holiday shopping! It's time to start buying those bikinis..suitcase, sun-cream and everything else.
  8. BBQ's... yes now the weather is fabulous we can pull out the BBQ's and have some social gatherings. 
  9. Time to start your healthy eating plan before summer is really here.. one month to go! Salads, fruit, vegetables, meat, fish, find your balance and love your body!
  10. Time to trim that bush... I mean the one in the garden! Perfect weather to get your garden trim and beautiful ready for the BBQ's and garden parties!
What's your favourite thing about May? 
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