Friday, 1 May 2015

10 Reasons to love May

I always look forward to writing these posts because it fills me with positive energy and confidence. I like listing the best things about the month which allows me to get excited for events that are coming up. We are almost half way through 2015 already! Can you believe that?? It will be Christmas before we know it. 

May is a beautiful time of the year and here are my 10 reasons to love May..
  1. It's my sisters birthday month... she is 6 years older than me which I like to remind her frequently, but it's always wonderful to celebrate her birthday with her. THE BIG 32!
  2. The weather has taken a turn for the best.. summer is here and the sun is shining.
  3. The sandals and shorts can finally come out of your closet.. Goodbye knitted jumpers HELLO denim jackets, shorts and sandals... DAMN I LOOK GOOD!
  4. I will be starting my new job! :) All part of my dreams and plans for 2015! I am so very excited.. new surroundings, new opportunities and of course PROGRESSION!
  5. There are two more bank holidays! 4 May and 25 May. Woop!! It's so nice having 3 day weekends! 
  6. Time to book that summer holiday! Get those last minute deals before they go!
  7. Holiday shopping! It's time to start buying those bikinis..suitcase, sun-cream and everything else.
  8. BBQ's... yes now the weather is fabulous we can pull out the BBQ's and have some social gatherings. 
  9. Time to start your healthy eating plan before summer is really here.. one month to go! Salads, fruit, vegetables, meat, fish, find your balance and love your body!
  10. Time to trim that bush... I mean the one in the garden! Perfect weather to get your garden trim and beautiful ready for the BBQ's and garden parties!
What's your favourite thing about May? 

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