Tuesday, 12 May 2015

Burt's Bees lip crayons

I was recently sent these gorgeous lip crayons from Burt’s Bees to review here on Sprucenews. You all know how much I love lipstick, so to be offered the chance to trial out these exclusive products is a big deal for me.

My first thoughts were okay... They look pretty! The have incorporated their brand well and the packaging represents them. My second thought was the colours are gorgeous. I think it’s a big step for Burt’s Bees to branch out further into the makeup scene. They are known for their incredible lip balms and skin care products. The moisture in their balms are duly noted and I recommend them because of how incredibly nourishing and long lasting their products tend to be. I have used their lip gloss before and love it. You all know how much I dislike lip gloss because they tend to be gloopy and sticky. Their lip gloss products are the total opposite. They are long lasting, well pigmented and not sticky at all.  

When I heard they had created a variety of lip crayons I wasn't sure. How were they going to incorporate their moisturising balm style product into their lipsticks? Could that be possible? When I received them in the post, the colours I was given actually surprised me. They were nude and pink tones (405 Sedona Sands & 429 Hawaiian Smolder) which I don’t usually use. For me, anything that isn't a red or coral lipstick is out of my comfort zone.

They are definitely not the usual colours I would purchase if I was shopping because they are not the colours I would have chosen for myself. After trying them I found it a blessing in disguise. The colours looked incredible and they presented me with a change which is rather exciting. I have been considering a change in makeup style for a while now and this is a step closer to that change. I want to start really experimenting with my makeup looks. I always go for a really natural makeup style because it is quick and easy. Now I want to be bold and try new things.

I have been really loving the Sedona Sands colour it really suits my skin tone and looks beautiful with both natural and bold makeup. Perfect with that Smokey eye or just a plain eye. They are both really nourishing and long lasting. They give a great look and the pigment is really good. I cannot wait to try out the other colours.

They are now some of my go-to lipsticks for everyday use. 

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