Monday, 4 May 2015

That concealer palette

There has been a big craze amongst beauty lovers around the perfect concealer palette. I have been searching for something that would provide me with the best coverage but not cost me a crazy amount of money. 

You all know I have a love for eBay, when I am looking for a bargain or I want to sell something to make some extra cash. It's my go-to shopping place. This is where I found this little beauty. It's a no-name brand and cost me £4.99 but the option of concealer is brilliant. It comes in the perfect little package which has colours for all types of skin tones. 

You're given 15 shades to choose from and some of the colours also work well as a primer for your eyeshadow. I think that it's absolutely brilliant and so good for the price which is why I needed to share this with you. 

I really do not see the point in purchasing a highly priced concealer palette when I can find one that is just as good quality for less. Where you can save some money the better. 

Tell me what your favourite concealer is..

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