Tuesday, 23 June 2015

Holiday Checklist

Preparing for holiday can be a stressful process. Making sure you have everything - because we all know the panic we get in when we have forgot something so important. I am heading to Madeira on my travels this month - HOW EXCITING! 

Before I start packing, I always make a list.. yes I am that person. I like to write down everything I need to take to make sure I do not forget anything important. 

I know many of my friends are last minute packers... I get too excited and would pack three weeks in advance if I could. Some of you may be like me.. 'The List' people or you may be like many of my friends and Gary who are 'Last Minute' people. Either way, I thought it would be a great idea to share with you all my holiday checklist. 

  • Passport - you cannot leave the country without this!
  • Travel documents - these are to make sure you know when your plane leaves
  • Money - so you can buy all those lovely things on holiday
  • Sun cream - we don't want skin cancer
  • Aftersun - we definitely do not want to peel
  • Deodorant - feel fresh
  • Toothbrush & Toothpaste - clean your teeth!
  • Shower Gel - of course.. to clean yourself
  • Shampoo & Conditioner - greasy hair is a no-go
  • Dry Shampoo - in case you're feeling lazy 
  • Baby wipes - you never know when these will come in handy
  • Facial wipes - take of that makeup girl!
  • Soap - scrub scrub
  • Razor - hairy armpits should not be a statement
  • Hairbrush - brush your hair!
  • Hair elastics - tie your hair back when it gets too warm
  • Adaptor - to plug things in
  • Camera - snap snap
  • Batteries - for your camera
  • Memory card - for your camera
  • Phone - to send messages to people to make them jealous you're on holiday!
  • Phone charger - to keep your phone fully charged! 
  • Swimming goggles - diving anyone?
  • Clothes - being naked for the entire holiday maybe isn't a good idea
  • Underwear - unless commando is your style?
  • Bikinis - beach.. pool... do I need to say more
  • Sandals - get your feet out!
  • Hair straightener - for the evening when you actually want to make an effort
  • Makeup - you never know.. you may want to doll up
  • Sunglasses - Keep the sun out your eyes! 
What's on your checklist? 

Friday, 12 June 2015

Summer playlist 2015

This summer there are so many songs that I cannot help but love! The vibes that I get when I listen to good music is nothing but positive. There is just something so exhilarating when listening to great music in the car on the drive home from work.

Whether it's the lyrics that you relate to, the beat that puts you in a good mood or whether you're just a lover of dance and a great beat.  Today I wanted to share with you my favourite tunes right now, there are no doubt some that you already know, maybe I will even introduce you to something new.. 


So here are some of the song that I cannot get enough of! What's you favourite song right now? 

Burt's Bees skincare

I was extremely fortunate to be given these amazing Burt's Bees skincare products. After receiving these yesterday, I had to jump on camera and share the moment. As a blogger this is something that fills me with excitement and joy! I mean, Burt's Bees like my blog, my writing and who I am - well, enough to send me their products! (Every bloggers dream)

I love Burt's Bees. Their cosmetics, lip balms and facial creams have only ever worked wonders on my skin. So, you can only imagine my reaction when I saw these! 

Soap Bark & Chamomile Deep Cleansing Cream
Peach & Willow Bark Deep Pore Scrub
Orange Essence Facial Cleanser
Sensitive Facial Cleansing Towelettes

Right now I am focusing on my health, welfare and body. After turning 25 I have never felt more conscious about my health. I am ageing, and yes I know I sound like I'm fifty, however, I was once told that as soon as you turn 25, you have old skin. The thought actually scares me. The thought of growing old actually frightens me. (a story for another day)

I would like to grow old gracefully - wouldn't we all! 

I cannot wait to use these, I think that nurturing your skin is crucial. Using harsh chemicals and products can have a terrible effect and understanding your skin needs is important.

I don't have a particular favourite, I think they will be useful in their own way. I will let you know which products I would recommend! 

Let me know what your favourite Burt's Bees product is! 

Wednesday, 10 June 2015

MUA 5 birthday limited edition palette

A few weeks ago I was sent this wonderful limited edition eyeshadow palette from MUA to celebrate their 5th birthday! (Happy 5th Birthday MUA) I have built up a collection of MUA cosmetics this year and have fallen in love with a variety of their products. 

The colours are just perfect for summer, there is a great blend of both neutral and bright shades that would be perfect for the day and evening. This £4 palette is available online and in Superdrug if any of you want to go out and pick it up. It is just a really good affordable little eyeshadow palette. (That's not a sales plug by the way, I am not being paid or sponsored for this post!)

The colours are soft and well pigmented. I would definitely recommend this, especially if you're on a budget and looking for beauty products that are affordable. 

What's your favourite MUA product?

June Glossybox unwrapped

My GlossyBox came early! Not that I am complaining, but usually I expect to receive it mid month, so you can imagine my surprise when I found it on my doorstep yesterday! EXCITED as always. I am loving that GlossyBox are now organising their subscription boxes by themes. This month is dedicated to festivals. Although I am not attending any festivals this year, I adore the products I received. I have recently booked a holiday for the end of June, so these items will be fabulous to get myself 'bikini ready'.

That's not the only change! GlossyBox have now revamped their editors message and product list which looks fab! I keep all the editors notes as they are tokens of my subscription and I like to remember where I received certain products from. 

MONU Spa Rosewood Reviving Mist
GlossyBox Flash Tattoos
Halo Fragrance Free Facial Wipes
Kueshi Anticellulite Booster
Essence The Gel Nail Polish

Cannot wait to try these products! The only brands that I have heard of is Mono Spa and Halo. So I am very pleased with the selection.  I will let you know my favourites and any products that I wouldn't recommend! 

Tuesday, 2 June 2015

Favourite bars in London

I love London. There is no better place to go within the UK where you can find everything in one city. Whether it's fashion, beauty, great food or a cool place to hang out, London is the place to be. I regularly travel around London, trying to find the best places to eat, drink and have a great time. There are so many places to choose, it’s very rare that I will go to the same place twice unless it’s been unforgettable. 

Today I wanted to share with you all my FAVOURITE BARS TO VISIT IN LONDON. 

Want to feel like you're in Made in Chelsea? Well you could always visit this swanky bar you see in the show so frequently! It's classy, comfortable and just beautiful inside! The interiors are just so chic and fabulous! One of the best places to hang out with your friends and order some delicious cocktails! 

Located in Shoreditch, this rooftop bar is just unbelievable! It's open all year round and provides you with such a classy experience. Whether you want to venture out to Shoreditch for a date or for casual cocktails or a beer with your mates. I would definitely recommend it to everyone!

You probably can tell by now that I rather like a rooftop bar... Well here is another one for you! This is potentially high on the tourist hotspot list, but this space is just so incredible that I had to add it on my favourite places to hang out! You get the most amazing view of the city. You can even see Big Ben if you're here as a tourist. It’s slick and the service is great, it’s definitely one to check out. 

So, that’s my favourite bars to hang out in London. I know there are so many more places, and if I made the list longer, I am sure I could tell you a few more incredible bars to visit in London.

Tell me where your favourite bar to hang out in London is... 

Monday, 1 June 2015

10 reasons to love June

Can you believe that we are officially half way through 2015! It's honestly incredible. As always, lets kick-start the month with positive vibes! It's like a tradition for me to write these articles and it gets me in the best frame of mind for the month ahead. 

So, let me get started... 10 REASONS TO LOVE JUNE
  1. I'm going on holiday!!! I had to put this first because well lets face it... it's exciting! 
  2. High waisted denim shorts are back in for the summer.. I love this style - it reminds me of festival season!
  3. Glastonbury Festival! So, I am not going (sad face) but I know many of you are! It's a real highlight for many music lovers and there are so many amazing singers performing this year - JEALOUS!
  4. BBQ season - Get those BBQ's out of the shed - dust them off and get the burgers cooking! 
  5. Ordering holiday clothes! For many of you lovelies, you're counting down the days until you get to fly away to some exotic country where you can do nothing but sip cocktails and lie on a beach! It's time for summer sales and to order those last minute bikinis!
  6. Time for a health check! June is the best time of the year to really crack on and consider your health. (Not that you shouldn't be doing this already) But what better time to start jogging or walking to get in better shape. The suns out people! 
  7. Fathers day! Time to appreciate all those amazing things your dad has done for you over the years - Love you dad xo. 
  8. Strawberry picking - This is a personal thing for me. I love when summer hits because myself and Gary head over to the local farms and go strawberry picking. It's a cheap way to have some great fun. 
  9. Cinema in the park returns! 
  10. Pride festival in London - You don't have to be homosexual to appreciate this day! If you have friends, or family who are gay then this is a day to show your support! I am all about equality 
What do you love about June? 
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