Wednesday, 8 July 2015

10 fun things to do as a couple

I know this post doesn't cater to everyone - however you wonderful singletons out there could do some of these things on a date?? Hmmm have a think about it! 

I have had MANY questions from so many of you lovely people asking me about things me and Gary get up to in our spare time. Although this is extremely personal to me, I thought I could twist it on its head and share with you my 10 FUN THINGS TO DO AS A COUPLE which shares some of the amazing things myself and Gary do together, but also some suggestions that I would like to try also. Some of these things may not be to your taste or you may think we sound like an old couple... we act like one sometimes (nothing wrong with that) but you may also get some inspiration or decide that you want to do some of these things to. 

  1. Miniature golf - I had never been golf before until I met Gary. We have found a lovely little family golf resort in our hometown of Wokingham that has miniature golf, football golf and an awesome driving range. It's not only hilarious (because I am awful) but it's also nice to let Gary show off his skills - he has many and this is one of them! (Happy Gilmore anyone)
  2. Paddle Boarding - If you're looking for something more adventurous that gets your girl in a bikini then definitely try this out. It's hilarious, great fun and also good exercise. Just make sure you can swim!
  3. Picnic in the park - I recently purchased a new picnic set, it's wonderful. Me and Gary like to head out to a local park with our picnic set on those days where we are strapped for cash (close to the end of the month) and don't want to spend money we do not have. It's romantic, relaxing and just great to spend that quality time 
  4. Do a Jigsaw - Okay, we sound old... but it's so therapeutic. Gary enjoys them and it's great to partner up and complete something together. We usually play music in the background and we just talk and catch up. 
  5. Local pub lunch - this is one for everyone. Like food and want to have a drink? Then find a nice local pub and just chill out. It's cheap cheerful and not out of the way.
  6. Cinema - This is more for me than Gary. I love films. I love the vibe of a cinema and the fact that I can snuggle up to Gary in the dark in front of a big screen with popcorn on one side and a Tango ice blast in another - MAKES MY DAY! 
  7. Breakfast at the dining room table - this potentially is for those couples who live together.. make breakfast together - set up the dining room table and grab some time together before your busy day starts. 
  8. Bake - I love baking and I love baking things for Gary - he can test the cakes I make and also lick the bowl. It's just something fun to do together and you can even have a little competition to see who can make the best cakes! 
  9. Strawberry picking - especially because it's summer, head over to a local farm that does this. It's so much fun picking your own fruit and cheekily testing them as you go along.. 
  10. The Zoo - I LOVE the zoo. Although sometimes I feel sad for the animals - being caged up. However, the animals are also adorable especially the giraffes (my favourites along with pandas) it's just a great day out and not too expensive. 
So that's it! These are my 10 FUN THINGS TO DO AS A COUPLE. Let me know what other exciting things you do!

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