Thursday, 23 July 2015

July Glossybox unwrapped

 This months Glossybox has finally arrived, later than usual and I'm not 100% sure if it was worth the wait. After hearing my friends disappointment with their Glossybox I was slightly worried about what I would receive this month. When I opened the package and saw the box, I thought wow! It's so pretty, potentially the best box I have received yet! If you didn't know already, I like to reuse the boxes that I receive. Many of the unique ones I keep for makeup storage and the normal pink boxes I use for presents, it makes gifting easier! 

The idea behind Vive la France is very intriguing and unique and I completely understand the concept. However, I didn't feel that this months products matched up when there was so much hype behind this box! 

You know how much I look forward to my Glossybox and I usually love them and can see myself using the products that are sent to me. However, this month I think I will use two out of the five that were sent. Which is a disappointment. 

Noxidoxi enhancing serum base
Lollipops lip balm delicieuse
Teoxane Cosmeceuticals perfect skin refiner
Yves Rocher Eau De Parfum
Glossybox travel pouch

Firstly, let me say that I understand that my viewpoint doesn't speak for every Glossie that has subscribed, so I am not a voice for the majority here. What I like could be completely different to your favourites. 

My favourites I would have to say were the Glossybox travel pouch - that was just cute, and I love the art. I would definitely use this for keeping my everyday makeup in. I also like the Lollipop lip balm, it smelt amazing. 

What I wasn't a fan of from the start was the Yves Rocher perfume, it isn't my kind of scent and I just know that it will stay in my draw until I end up giving away or throwing it away. 

In regards to the serum, I will happily try them to see what I think. 

Overall, I have to say this months Glossybox was slightly disappointing. I think I loved the box more than the products inside. Hopefully next months will have products that are more to my taste. 


What was your favourite product this month? 

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