Friday, 21 August 2015

Makeup cheat

I am no expert in makeup and I am sure there are many MUAs out there that will provide more detailed advice on the best ways to apply your makeup. However, I have been using makeup for a long time and have some great tips or cheats for you that have helped me over the years to get the coverage I want and the look that I have been working towards. 

Okay so this sounds all very professional but I am not going to promise that these will work for everyone!! 


  1. FINDING THAT PERFECT FOUNDATION: Sample foundation by using your neck to find your perfect shade - this will always provide you with a better match than what you would find using the back of your hand or wrist.
  2. KEEP YOUR MAKEUP ON FOR LONGER: Use dusting powder after your primer and before you apply your foundation.
  3. MASCARA THE RIGHT WAY: Stroke your mascara towards your eyebrows and not out to the side - this will prevent clumps and will give you those lengthy clean looking lashes you want so badly.
  4. BEAUTYBLENDER HACKS: Soak your beauty blender in water before applying your makeup, this will give you a more dewy finish for longer
  5. NO MAKEUP - MAKEUP LOOK - To get natural rosy looking cheeks, apply a bright pink cream blush underneath your foundation. It will give a more natural flush to your cheeks.
I hope these helped!! Let me know what your beauty cheats are. 

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