Thursday, 17 September 2015

Happy 26th birthday to me

I cannot believe that I am 26 years old. When I was 15 I wished the years away, now I am 26 I am holding on to everyday. It's scary to think that I will be thirty in 4 years... 

Right now I am lying in a hotel room, suffering from a slight hangover from mine and Gary's friends wedding yesterday.. maybe not the best feeling but we are heading out for breakfast and hopefully sloughing out on the sofa. I have never been one to go crazy on a birthday, and today will potentially feel like every other day - I'll let you know!  

Ignoring the hangover headache that comes with drinking too much champagne..I can honestly say that I am in a great place. I have wonderful family and friends, a great job, a beautiful house and a lovely boyfriend. I can list all the things that I don't have or I haven't yet achieved, but I'd rather focus on the best things in life. 

My mentality as I have grown up has definitely changed. The things that were important to me at 18 are very different to my priorities right now. I think of all the wonderful things I have and the things I have achieved and I can say with pride that I did that. 

I have come so far, and I am hoping that life just gets better. I have some goals and things I want to do before I turn the big 30, but right now I am just looking forward to booking a holiday with Gary and taking everyday as it comes. 

Silly worries and concerns are pointless in life. There are more important things to concern yourself with. 

There are many things I have lived and learnt from and if I could offer any advice to teenagers it would be not to wish your life away, enjoy the moment. That boy/girl that you think has broken your heart will be forgotten and you will meet someone better. 

Make sure you work hard, and play hard. Don't focus your time with so called friends that bring you down and do the things you enjoy. 

I would also recommend saving!! I wish I saved when I was younger, things would be so much easier now if I did. 

I am excited for the rest of this year and I definitely want to focus more on what I enjoy and want out of life. You only turn 26 once! 


Friday, 11 September 2015

40 ways to stay creative

Creative Photography by Brock Davis

I saw this list online, as someone who at times struggles with staying creative I found it extremely interesting and dare I say.. helpful! If you're looking for inspiration, new ideas or just something to keep your creative mind ticking over, here are 40 ways to stay creative. 
  1. Create an inspiration board
  2. Get out the house more and find inspiration outdoors
  3. Sketch - even if you're not the best at it 
  4. Experiment - learn to say yes more often 
  5. Socialise - go out with friends and family 
  6. Keep up with the latest trends online - and offline!
  7. Learn a new skill... I want to learn French 
  8. Read.. find a new favourite book 
  9. Use sticky notes - you can get colourful ones!
  10. Break your routine - try something new 
  11. Surround yourself with creative minds 
  12. Check out what other people are doing.. maybe they can provide you with inspiration
  13. Visit exhibitions 
  14. Collaborate 
  15. Travel 
  16. Get a new hobby 
  17. Challenge yourself 
  18. Make lists 
  19. Meditate 
  20. Get feedback from peers
  21. Listen to music 
  22. Watch films 
  23. Take risks 
  24. Write down stuff - what's in your mind right now?
  25. Declutter your workspace
  26. Love what you do 
  27. Finish projects
  28. Visit museums 
  29. Keep a dream diary - you could become the next JK Rowling's! 
  30. Get a love life... 
  31. Take naps 
  32. Watch motivational videos 
  33. Go to the theatre 
  34. Practice 
  35. Eat different food 
  36. Stop comparing yourself to others 
  37. Question things 
  38. Turn off distractions 
  39. Let go of your fear 
  40. Be curious 
What things do you do to stay creative? 

Wednesday, 9 September 2015

£5 eyeshadow palette

As a beauty blogger, I obviously have a great love for all things makeup/beauty related. Whether it's a new lipstick or an eyeshadow palette - I'm interested. 

I have recently started experimenting more with eyeshadows. I would honestly admit that I am more of a beginner when it comes to applying makeup professionally. I haven't had any training and what I do is what I think is right - right for me anyway.

Today I wanted to share with you my bargain for the year!!! I recently went on eBay casually searching for random things and I came across the LARoC Beginners Collection eyeshadow palette. This 120 shade eyeshadow palette offers the biggest selection of eyeshadows I have ever seen. Not only does it have a crazy amount of colours, it also only cost me £4.99 - BARGAIN!

Being olive skinned, I think that some eyeshadows do not show up very well on my skin. So finding the right shade can be difficult! This palette solves that issue for me, it has around 80 shades that work perfect for me. There are some dark berry shades and mustard colours - all perfect for autumn.   

When something is this cheap, I guess you cannot expect the quality to be great, but my initial judgement or should I say expectation of this inexpensive eyeshadow palette was very wrong. Not only are the colours long lasting, they are pigmented. There is so much variety that I can create a million different looks. The only negative - which isn't really a negative because even some of the more expensive palettes do this - is there is some fall out when using it. Apart from that, the shades are quite creamy and very good quality for the money. 

Overall, I am extremely impressed, which is why I did a video on this - If you want to check out the video just click below: 

If you would like me to do some beginners makeup tutorials for you using this palette leave me a comment below! 


Monday, 7 September 2015

Lorac pro palette

I have heard nothing but rave comments about the Lorac Pro Palette so I decided to order one for myself to try out and review. As a beauty lover this particular palette intrigued me and when I read so many great things about it, I felt I had to test it out for myself.

Tuesday, 1 September 2015

10 reasons to love September

September is here! This is one of my favourite months of the year, mostly because it's my birthday month, but also because you begin to see the seasons change. I think starting the month with #positivevibes - even if you're not feeling too positive right now - will lighten your mood and lift up your spirits! 

See a new month as a fresh start, make any amends you need to, think more positively about the future and smile. 

Here are my 10 reasons to love September:
  1. It's my birthday! 17 September (scary to think that I am turning 26) 
  2. It's mine and Gary's friends wedding!! Cannot wait and Gary is best man! Perfect excuse to buy a new dress and shoes! 
  3. Perfect timing to plan for all those events that are coming up... Halloween, Bonfire night and of course the big one... CHRISTMAS
  4. Summer clothes are out and autumn style is in.. best month for fashion or to buy yourself those new ankle boots you've been eyeing up since July
  5. Best time to start a new TV series!!! Just finished PLL (Pretty little liars)
  6. Time to trim down: September is the perfect time to kick-start your healthy eating plan - I know I am in desperate need of doing this.
  7. Interior decorating and room change - I love a bit of feng shui and decorating, especially when I have been planning for months! It's finally time! 
  8. It's finally acceptable again to wander around your house in your fluffy dressing gown or onesie! 
  9. Baking that Sunday apple crumble is back! I haven't made a delicious apple crumble in months 
  10. NEW COAT NEW COAT NEW COAT... I love Autumn season
What's your favourite thing about September?
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