Tuesday, 1 September 2015

10 reasons to love September

September is here! This is one of my favourite months of the year, mostly because it's my birthday month, but also because you begin to see the seasons change. I think starting the month with #positivevibes - even if you're not feeling too positive right now - will lighten your mood and lift up your spirits! 

See a new month as a fresh start, make any amends you need to, think more positively about the future and smile. 

Here are my 10 reasons to love September:
  1. It's my birthday! 17 September (scary to think that I am turning 26) 
  2. It's mine and Gary's friends wedding!! Cannot wait and Gary is best man! Perfect excuse to buy a new dress and shoes! 
  3. Perfect timing to plan for all those events that are coming up... Halloween, Bonfire night and of course the big one... CHRISTMAS
  4. Summer clothes are out and autumn style is in.. best month for fashion or to buy yourself those new ankle boots you've been eyeing up since July
  5. Best time to start a new TV series!!! Just finished PLL (Pretty little liars)
  6. Time to trim down: September is the perfect time to kick-start your healthy eating plan - I know I am in desperate need of doing this.
  7. Interior decorating and room change - I love a bit of feng shui and decorating, especially when I have been planning for months! It's finally time! 
  8. It's finally acceptable again to wander around your house in your fluffy dressing gown or onesie! 
  9. Baking that Sunday apple crumble is back! I haven't made a delicious apple crumble in months 
  10. NEW COAT NEW COAT NEW COAT... I love Autumn season
What's your favourite thing about September?

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