Thursday, 17 September 2015

Happy 26th birthday to me

I cannot believe that I am 26 years old. When I was 15 I wished the years away, now I am 26 I am holding on to everyday. It's scary to think that I will be thirty in 4 years... 

Right now I am lying in a hotel room, suffering from a slight hangover from mine and Gary's friends wedding yesterday.. maybe not the best feeling but we are heading out for breakfast and hopefully sloughing out on the sofa. I have never been one to go crazy on a birthday, and today will potentially feel like every other day - I'll let you know!  

Ignoring the hangover headache that comes with drinking too much champagne..I can honestly say that I am in a great place. I have wonderful family and friends, a great job, a beautiful house and a lovely boyfriend. I can list all the things that I don't have or I haven't yet achieved, but I'd rather focus on the best things in life. 

My mentality as I have grown up has definitely changed. The things that were important to me at 18 are very different to my priorities right now. I think of all the wonderful things I have and the things I have achieved and I can say with pride that I did that. 

I have come so far, and I am hoping that life just gets better. I have some goals and things I want to do before I turn the big 30, but right now I am just looking forward to booking a holiday with Gary and taking everyday as it comes. 

Silly worries and concerns are pointless in life. There are more important things to concern yourself with. 

There are many things I have lived and learnt from and if I could offer any advice to teenagers it would be not to wish your life away, enjoy the moment. That boy/girl that you think has broken your heart will be forgotten and you will meet someone better. 

Make sure you work hard, and play hard. Don't focus your time with so called friends that bring you down and do the things you enjoy. 

I would also recommend saving!! I wish I saved when I was younger, things would be so much easier now if I did. 

I am excited for the rest of this year and I definitely want to focus more on what I enjoy and want out of life. You only turn 26 once! 



  1. Happy Birthday, Rox! Hope you are having an amazing day! I know what you are talking about, I turned 30 in June... Enjoy your day, lovely! xx

    Ale |

    1. Awe thank you lovely!! Did you? What did you do for your 30th?? xx


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