Friday, 16 October 2015

Morphe Brushes brow8 palette

I never really use product to shape my eyebrows, probably because they are so thick already. I do have eyebrow mascara that is clear which I use on occasion if I get chance in the morning - this is more to mould flyway's back into place or just to buff them out. 

I like to fill my eyebrows in when I am going out, or when I am doing videos because I do like the overall look, I just do not get time on a daily basis to do this. It is time consuming. 

Recently however, I decided to purchase this Morphe Brushes Brow8 palette which cost £11.95. My thinking was that I could use this palette for much more than just my eyebrows. It is essentially another eyeshadow palette or even contour palette. The colours are perfect for A/W and the size and quality is not to be competed with. 

Okay, so the packaging is simple. It's hasn't been created to look pretty but it holds the shades well and the plastic case protects from any fall out if it is knocked accidentally. Perfect for what it's made for. If they changed the colour that could maybe make it look better, however it really isn't necessary. 

The powder shades are huge. This brow palette consists of 6 powder shades and 2 primers. The powders are highly pigmented, creamy and diverse so you can use them for more than just your eyebrows. The cream primers hold the powder into place, and is fantastic quality - these could also be used as eyeshadow primer. I think that there is a shade that caters to all skin tones. 

Overall, I love it. I think it's worth the money, definitely a product I would recommend- especially if you're someone who fills your eyebrows in on a regular basis. It's affordable and excellent quality. 

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