Wednesday, 30 December 2015

Zoeva cocoa blend palette

This Cocoa Blend Zoeva eyeshadow palette has got to be one of the best palettes I have ever purchased and used. I know that this is a big statement to make as there are so many different palettes out there. However, it's a fact.

The quality of the eyeshadows are on point. They are individually beautiful and pigmented. Each creating it's own very special look. The eyeshadow is buttery and long lasting and there is hardly any fall out which is a true sign of a very good palette.

My favourite shades are Pure Ganache, Substitute for love, Freshly toasted, Sweeter End and Subtle Blend. All of which are the warmer shades within Cocoa Blend. I have used this numerous times and there is so much versatility with what looks you can create. It's just so much fun to play around with the colours. Soon I should be able to record some new makeup tutorials for you using this palette - I am just waiting for my dressing room to be finished.

My least favourite shades have got to be Delicate Acidity and Infusion. Both of these are darker more cool tone shades which isn't really what I like to wear. I prefer colours that compliment my skin tone rather than wash me out. I am sure that these would look wonderful on the right person , but unfortunately they are just not right for me.

Another key factor for me was the price of this palette. I spent £15.50 from which to me is actually a bargain. I know it's not your standard high-street price, however, it's very affordable.

The packaging reminds me of the Lorac Pro palette - cardboard - it's  very similar in width and length the only thing that's missing is the mirror. Which I think is a shame because I quite like having a mirror on my eyeshadows just in case I want to apply on the go or if I take it on holiday and there aren't any mirrors available (that have good lighting). The outer casing of the palette was a pain to work with. It comes in a sort of shell packaging which I pulled open because I couldn't get the palette out. It seemed as if the palette was too small for the cardboard case.

Perhaps I bought a faulty one - but I think this is something that Zoeva need to review. Overall, I think Cocoa Blend is beautiful. It's affordable and worth every penny. I would definitely recommend it.

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